These tools provide a graphical view of the entire experiment and allow the quick addition of labels, keywords, and acquisition attributes to a single tube, multiple tubes, specimens, or the entire experiment. In addition, BD FACSDiva software provides the ability to store experiment, analysis, and panel templates for re-use without sacrificing data integrity. With the BD FACSDiva application settings feature, users can save their specific settings to properly resolve their populations of interest. Key cytometer setup values for PMT voltages, laser delay, and area scaling factors are automatically calculated and adjusted to maintain optimal performance levels over time. This automation reduces startup time to approximately five minutes and eliminates multiple error-prone and expensive data acquisitions and calculations.

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Jurr Product name, part number, and serial number; software version and computer system specifications Error messages, if any Details of recent cytometer performance BD Biosciences might also request the console.

To move objects between worksheets, use the copy and paste functions; objects cannot be dragged. For example, the Inspector can be used to change plot attributes like the background color, title, axes labels, and scale, or to enter the name of an experiment, specimen, or tube.

The starting value the lowest level is half the value entered. When recording is complete and acquisition is stopped, statistics are calculated on the faczdiva number of recorded events. Whether viewed on one monitor or two, workspace windows can be resized and repositioned for the most efficient operator workflow. Complying with all applicable copyright laws is More information.

Copy and paste wells to blank positions in the Plate window. See Adding New Elements to the Browser on page Additional preferences might be available for your fxcsdiva type; refer to your instrument manual for a description. A maximum of 50 global worksheets can be set up for each experiment, and each global worksheet can contain up to 10 pages.

After you move or resize a snap-to gate, the gate no longer adjusts automatically. The plot expands to twice its size. This material briefly explains how information is stored in Windows More information. To start the software: If you set the default background to black, select the checkbox mxnual print plots with a white background; white gates and populations are then automatically printed in black.

Comments can be viewed when you are importing a panel template. Video display images copyright More information.

Instrument Name During software installation, each instrument is assigned a name and serial number. This section describes how to subset populations using the population hierarchy. Only one object can be copied and pasted at a time. If a worksheet with the name of siftware specimen and tube already exists, the copied elements are pasted into the existing worksheet. As you change fluorochromes, filters, or mirrors, you can softsare between mahual configurations that match your instrument optics.

Locate and read topics specific to the operation you are performing. For example, experiment templates can be assigned to the New Experiment button, panel templates can be assigned to the New Specimen button, and analysis templates can be assigned to the New Tube or New Global Worksheet button. This section describes how to export experiments and delete them after export; deleting experiments is described on page Select this checkbox to always update the cytometer settings to the latest performance check.

Close the region by double-clicking or by clicking on the first vertex. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored. The image is stored in memory until it is pasted into another application. Start display at page:. All tubes must be recorded with consistent PMT voltages. Edit this number by selecting one or more fields and then entering a new number.

To move a window, drag the title bar to a new position on the screen. Cytometer settings can be applied at the experiment, specimen, or tube level. The computer is left on at all times. Otherwise, generic value is applied. Provides an interface for setting up experiments. Laser Controls Lasers are instrument-specific, thus laser controls for your instrument might be different from those shown in this section.

The chosen worksheet is displayed automatically when you select a tube below this specimen. The following tutorials describe how to add an administrator password and create a new user, and show how workspace setup, user preferences, and the Browser view differ from one user to another.

BD Biosciences welcomes customer input on corrections and suggestions for improvement. Global worksheets are displayed in this folder in the order they were created.

If needed, start your cytometer and log into the software before proceeding. Click the intersection of the quadrant markers. TOP 10 Related.



Mazulabar See Adding Experiments on page Figure shows experiments grouped by studies or date. Whether viewed on one monitor or two, workspace windows can be resized and repositioned for the most efficient operator workflow. Click the appropriate Distribute button ; the objects are distributed equally in a horizontal or vertical direction. Tip You can also press Ctrl-E. For example, some tubes or specimens might use different scatter, fluorescent, or ratio parameters or different measurement types or thresholds. Maintaining the Database The gate should turn orange briefly to indicate that all events on the axis have been captured. Label-specific controls and analysis objects are created automatically.


BD FACSDivaâ„¢ Software






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