Dalrajas The transactions are available from most recent to first. Void [Void] Cancel a transaction existing in the current batch. You can configure a card to block refunds of a specific issuer. How clear is the information in this guide? How well do you understand the product after reading this guide?

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Kizahn This transaction is Host specific. This is a host-specific function. Press the touch screen buttons firmly to ensure a correct hylercom from the terminal. REN are associated with loop-start and ground-start ports. This book is divided into four chapters: The terminal displays the Idle prompt. The following terminal responses appear in the functions that are performed.

To reset the performance statistics, press 2. Within batch review you can void, adjust, or reprint manyal displayed transaction. Users should not attempt to make such connections themselves, but should contact the appropriate electric inspection authority or electrician, as appropriate.

Pressing the Cancel key has no effect. Step-by-Step To log on to the terminal: Function 22,1 Manul this function to add numbered shifts to the terminal. The Confirm Batch totals field in TermMaster must be enabled for this function. Function 12 Follow this manal to enable or disable Training Mode. Function 20,1 Use the Open Tab function to open tabs. Some hosts may not support all of these functions. The adjustment is complete. Step Terminal response Action Press Review.

XX The transaction is approved. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Reports [Reports] View the Terminal Journal reports: Hypercom has attempted throughout this publication to distinguish proprietary trademarks from descriptive terms by following the capitalization style the manufacturer uses.

CVV2 is used for manually entered sales transactions only. This bold text appears in instructions for specific actions such as pressing keys, typing t text boxes, and selecting from lists.

XX Verify the invoice total. After the total amount is determined, the merchant forces the transaction. When all of your changes are made, press the Cancel key to return to mnaual Idle prompt.

The REN is useful to determine the quantity of devices you may connect to your telephone line and still have all those hpercom ring when your telephone number is called.

Common uses of the Adjust function are to correct an error or add a tip, late charge, or other charge. Please consult your client services manager for hardware, software, and Term-Master requirements. This publication is proprietary to Hypercom Corporation and is intended solely for use by Hypercom customers.

Touching Adjust, Reprint or Void from any of the transaction review displays starts the indicated function for that transaction. MICR data is displayed when check is successfully read. Only Sale, Debit, and Refund transactions can be voided.

The terminal displays the column and row of the key pressed. The issuer can block h Prints contents of Init Hyperclm Hex memory dump. When the function is complete, the terminal returns to batch scroll, and subsequent adjustments, reprints, or voids do not require another password entry. You must enter the gift card screen to access the functions.

Card Verification Function 74 Validate the card before processing the financial transaction. Function 91 Software Name and Revision allows a fixed display of the software name, release, subrelease letter, download release, and boot program name.

If you do not want a second receipt, press NO. They provide utilities to change the password and enable or disable password protection for certain terminal operations.

Settlement and reconciliation functions, merchant functions, and terminal statistics are available in addition to card-initiated transactions. If the password is incorrect, the display does not change. Most 10 Related.


Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Quick Installation Manual

The terminal displays the fifth review screen. The terminal displays the following prompt. Function 96 Step-by-Step To view transaction response times: Step-by-Step To perform a Refund transaction: By entering the number of a server currently logged on, you can review the transactions performed only by that server. If correct press YES.



Kizahn This transaction is Host specific. This is a host-specific function. Press the touch screen buttons firmly to ensure a correct hylercom from the terminal. REN are associated with loop-start and ground-start ports.

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