Below is the link to the Tukaram Gatha in pdf and you can download it for free. Link — Tukaram Gatha in pdf Sant Tukaram CE was one of the greatest saints of India, and as such he has influenced and is still influencing the devotional and spiritual world of people of Maharashtra. Sant Tukaram was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur. He began intensive studies of the writings of all Varkari saints right from Sant Jnandev to Sant Eknath. This strengthened his devotion towards Lord Vithal. The most important aspect of the literary study had on Tukaram was that he could overcome his reclusiveness and began to mingle with people striving towards their upliftment.

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For lovers of Saint literature! I am translating this epic from old, semi-forgotten Marathi language into English. I am sure this will attract seekers of spiritual satisfaction. Those seeking God will find God! Gatha has that power! Deepak Phadnis. Friday, 14 July Dear reader! Jai jai Ram Krishna Hari. Jai guru. I feel this will be a great treat for true seekers of Spirituality.

These verses are known as abhangas in Marathi. It is filled with sweet, undemanding love for God and also has great wisdom. I am doing this with 4 intentions: 1. I simply love it! I love Saint Tukaram. Translating his poetry on God, from Marathi language into English has been my dream since last 12 years. I have already started on this activity 12 years ago in a small way. I am getting satisfaction all the way, enjoying every moment of it! My dream is getting fulfilled through the medium of Google!

Gatha is filled to brim with indescribable sweetness, the best of wisdom and crispness of language; so much so that every article written in Marathi, by any writer, invariably contains quotes of Saint Tukaram. I feel that the non Marathi speaking populations of the earth too deserve to drink from this fountain of elixir.

There are millions of students of Saint Literature, Philosophy, Spirituality and similar topics who want to study and understand Saint Tukaram.

He is so great that any work in these fields will be incomplete without reading and assimilating what Tukaram wrote. These students will get this input from this series of videos on English translation of Gatha. The whole world will be able to enjoy this poetry. That will help in bringing peace and prosperity in this turmoil filled world. The world needs it. This will be the biggest gain! I hope I have been able to express my feelings which have led to starting of this initiative.

I will be very happy to receive feedback and suggestions. Devotee of Jagadguru Tukaram maharaj and disciple of Paramahansa Yoganand. It is the official script used by the Dehu temple trust as the script for Religious Recitation or Parayan. I express my gratitude to Mr.


Tukaram Gatha in pdf – Download Poems of Sant Tukaram Maharaj in pdf format

Literary works[ edit ] Sant Tukaram composed Abhanga poetry, a Marathi genre of literature which is metrical traditionally the ovi meter , simple, direct, and it fuses folk stories with deeper spiritual themes. The known manuscripts are jumbled, randomly scattered collections, without chronological sequence, and each contain some poems that are not found in all other known manuscripts. Edwards wrote, Tukaram is never systematic in his psychology, his theology, or his theodicy. He oscillates between a Dvaitist [Vedanta] and an Advaitist view of God and the world, leaning now to a pantheistic scheme of things, now to a distinctly Providential, and he does not harmonize them. He says little about cosmogony, and according to him, God realizes Himself in the devotion of His worshippers. All sciences have proclaimed that God has filled the whole world.


संंत तुकाराम


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