I did that for several months and had great success but I was getting bored with it. I was eating the same thing each day that consisted of eggs, cheeses, salads and fish. I still need to lose 18 lbs. I found Simple Start by Weight Watchers. It is 2 week starter program where you follow the meal plan already provided for you by Weight Watchers. You can mix or match the meals that are already provided online for you.

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Weight Watchers participants can learn about the program in meetings, using the program guidebook or using the Weight Watchers Simple Start app. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meats and low fat dairy and soy products are all included. Any of them are allowable at any time and in any quantity for those participating in the simple start and simply filling program, as long as participants are not allowing themselves to become overfull.

The Simple Start program is as its name suggests, simple. There is no having to measure, weigh or count anything you eat. You just need to follow the pictures, recipes and choices outlined in the booklet, on the app or on the Weight Watchers website. Choose from the many pre-set meal plans provided by Weight Watchers using the Power Foods. The Weight Watchers Simple Start program gives participants choices for each meal, providing them with recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner that use foods from the Simply Filling lists of Power Foods.

Alternately participants can use the highly visual guide or app to create their own meals, choosing options to put together from the Simple Start lists. For example, the lunchtime Simple Start lists give participants appropriate options to create a sandwich; first choose the type of bread, choose a protein, add salad vegetables, choose a sauce or flavouring.

It also gives participants options for side dishes to compliment the sandwich. These pre-set menus and meal lists are what sets the Weight Watchers Simple Start program apart from the Simply Filling technique. Because the Simple Start plan is on a two week cycle, participants can choose to follow it for two or more cycles without getting bored. By giving participants a set allowance of 49 points per week using the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system, they are able to indulge in a treat of their choice, as long as it fits within the allotted points.

Participants have to use them…. Or lose them. Power Foods Power Foods which are the basis of the Simple Start program and Simply Filling technique are widely available, and are largely clean wholesome foods which, when they make up the bulk of a diet, contribute to good health. When eating from the Power Foods list participants find they feel full faster, and satisfied longer. The clean wholefood focus of the Power Foods list, coupled with the importance placed on listening to the bodies hunger signals, help participants avoid foods that lead to overindulgence.

Simple Start Indulgences List These are just a small sample of the indulgences you can have on the Simple Start program. You can eat or drink anything you like, as long as you stay below your 49 PointsPlus points per week.

This, in addition to the Power Foods list, is part of the Weight Watchers strategy to help participants learn long term, sustainable techniques for maintaining their weight. Weight Watchers members receive the 40 page Simple Start guide book at meetings. Alternatively, members can download the Weight Watchers Simple Start app for free from either itunes for apple or Google play for android.

Does It Work? Strict followers of the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan can expect to lose around 2lbs per week. The Simple Start program is particularly appropriate for new participants and those who may need to restart their weight loss or motivation. It gives plateauing participants the opportunity to step back from what can be an obsession with counting points on the PointsPlus program , and refocus on the basics of healthy eating and portion control. The Simple Start program gives participates an easy way to begin the difficult journey to a healthy weight, to learn the principles of the program, and of the healthy lifestyle that Weight Watchers aims to promote.


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I have been anxiously awaiting this years update because I knew it involved a spin on Simply Filling with the new Weight Watchers Simple Start Program. There are so many cool things about Simple Start including a new Weight Watchers Simple Start Mobile App that actually works great dare I say better than the original app. Before I jump into sharing my thoughts, I want to say, nothing is changing about the Weight Watchers Program in The Kick Start Program was a one week pre-planned menu tailored towards those counting points, while Simple Start is a two week plan geared toward those who want to venture out, learn more and try the Simply Filling Technique. Basically there are 3 steps to follow: 1. Choose from their pre-planned meals: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks or build your own using the Build a Meal Sections picture building a sandwich from the bread up. This includes adding in 2 tsp.


Start Simple

What works well for your sister, coworker, or best friend may not work as well for you. And if you find that your plan is no longer working for your life, you have the ability to switch! All plans are equally flexible, simple, and effective when it comes to losing weight—they just help you get there in different ways. Never before have you been able to choose how you live WW. What research went into myWW?


Weight Watchers Simple Start Review

But if these well-intentioned big ideas are so good for us, why are so many abandoned by February? Short answer: We bite off more than we can chew and expect sweeping results in a short amount of time. And we can totally relate. Really, all you have to do is follow our intuitive plan for two weeks and see results. The meals and snacks in Simple Start are built from Weight Watchers Power Foods and certain healthy oils, with some condiments and seasonings to boost flavor. New members will learn that Power Foods fill you up faster and keep you satisfied longer, which can help you avoid the types of foods that lead to overeating. For example, fresh fruits, most vegetables, some lean proteins, whole grains and fat-free dairy are Power Foods.

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