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The bangalore torpedo clears a path 10 to 15 feet wide through barbed wire entanglements. TM Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques — References When the cap is removed, the fuze ignites a detonator which m turn sets off the main charge. Tetrytol is usually loaded by casting. When the weight is removed, the lift spring tm the release mechanism tube upwards, disengaging the retaining rod from the split striker spindle, allowing the striker to fire a deto- nator.

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Print Print The following is a list of books I strongly recommend for studying modern war and warfare. Some deal directly with combat, some go beyond the bullets.

Some may not be conventional, but all deal directly with conflict. Makes you wonder where he is now? No one has ever done anything like this. It humanizes the enemy without excusing them. Partisans and Guerrillas By Ronald H. This guy could have been an Afghan given how brutally effective he was at small band guerilla tactics. Bruce: Thank God we had a president who was open to new ideas.

These are the Department of the Army manuals on booby-traps and unconventional killing methods. By themselves they are nothing special, but taken in the context, they are mind blowing. No, really, three pebbles, look it up. Carbine By Ross E. I see it as a reminder that innovation can be cultural as well as technical. Another study in cultural innovation and the courage it takes to embrace it. Amazing examples of what our brain is capable of inventing Improvised Weapons in American Prisons By Jack Luger: There is no better example of what humans can come up with than what these convicts have done.

Given that guerilla wars are the wars of the future, can we afford to ignore any scrap insurgent literature? This Samurai Robinson Crusoe survived in the jungle for 30 years! This is what can happen if an enemy has the will to keep fighting. This is the kind of anti-war sentiment that rules Japan today, and it will come into play if, God forbid, they ever have to fight again. Basically he was calling for knee-jerk ethnic cleansing and too many Americans agreed with him.

This book is just one tiny example of what we would have lost had they succeeded. His insights into the internal politics of North Vietnam and the evolution of that revolution are essential for studying our enemy turned ally.

So if someone beats us, they deserve our attention! General Giap is possibly the best guerilla leader of all time! He managed to fight a guerilla war, a conventional war, a political war and won on all fronts. In an alternative timeline, he should have been the commandant of our post-Vietnam counter-insurgency school.

S that Xi Jinping is making all his subjects read again. The Swords of Kirinyaga By H. Wachanga One of the most important accounts of a failed counterinsurgency. This is the story about how a natural occurrence, a volcano in far off Indonesia, can have social, economic, political and military consequences all around the world.

It needs to be front and center. Just read this book and imagine if, instead of some natural cause, the great Flu had been cooked up in a Lab?

This book works on 3 levels. Second, it tells of how he was DE-radicalized by Islam! With all this talk of how Islam radicalizes people, we should be celebrating the life of a man who found tolerance in Mecca! Third, this is the story of a man who completely reinvented himself, not once, but twice!

If we all had that kind of intellectual-emotional flexibility, especially in wartime, we would be invincible Cold War Hot By Peter Tsouras: A book of alternative short stories. Like I said at my first talk, studying alternative history gets the creative muscles working.

If we imagine how the past might have been, we can better plan for how the future might be. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of West Point, the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or any agency of the US government.


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