In addition he writes fiction and has been a Hollywood movie producer. He wrote a series on a fictional account of the ancient story of Queen Esther. The first book of the series Hadassah: One night with the King is the basis of the beautifully filmed movie of the same title. The nail-biting conclusion to the series The Hadassah Covenant, throws a twist on the ancient story by bringing it into modern day. His latest non-fiction book is "Open Heaven",the secret power of a door-keeper. Tommy has written over 30 books.

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Shelves: chrisitan-living I have heard much about The God Chasers book written by Tommy Tenney over the years and have intended to read it for some time. I agree with Tenney that "God is just waiting to I have heard much about The God Chasers book written by Tommy Tenney over the years and have intended to read it for some time. I agree with Tenney that "God is just waiting to be caught by someone whose hunger exceeds his grasp. These are the things I like about the book Have you ever read a book and get the idea that the author is running out of things to say?

I felt this way with The God Chasers. Tenney made his point He speaks of repentance and brokenness There were simply no steps given in which to accomplish these things. He states, when speaking of non-Christians, "The bottom line is that people are sick of church because the Church has been somewhat less than what the Book advertised! People want to connect with a higher power! Their hunger drives them everywhere but the Church. I think Tenney has overlooked the scripture that says our hearts are "deceitfully wicked above all things" and that unless we are born again, we never truly desire God.

The Bible says that "none seek after God", that every heart is wicked and the unsaved "drink iniquity in like water". Truth is, non-Christians reject church because they reject God. Romans 1 says that every person sins with conscience, knowing that they are offending God. Tenney then goes on to say that if we finally allow God into our churches, and His power moves mightily, that the unsaved will flock to our churches and they will be busting at the seems paraphrased.

Why does the author overlook the command to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel"? This is the way we are commanded to evangelize. Biblically, we are called to preach sin and repentance, and then offer cleansing and forgiveness through Christ for those that repent.

We must be obedient to the Word of God and DO what we are called to do BOTH are required to bring about genuine revival in America These are good, holy, and necessary, but we never have intimacy with Him. We have stifled our hunger for His presence by doing things for Him. One cannot separate God from the Word that goes forth because they are the same thing. The Word is essential God does not and will never contradict His Word. There are several smaller issues I take with the book, but it would be redundant to mention them here.

Overall, I like the premise of the book, but the doctrine is atrocious and taxing, to say the least. I once told someone that when it comes to books like these, "I can eat the chicken and spit out the bones. May I humbly suggest skipping this boney little chicken and perhaps dining on a steak dinner prepared by A. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, J.

Ryle, or the like?


Tommy Tenney



The God Chasers: "My Soul Follows Hard After Thee"




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