The work is extremely short — perhaps about 15, words — and is in the form of notes that provide terse commentary on a series of graphs. It is little more than a Powerpoint presentation turned into a slim paperback. Its reliance on random facts pulled from the internet is truly shocking and it will harm the cause of environmental protection. As might be expected, the best sceptic bloggers are already deconstructing its excesses line-by-line.

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Shelves: ecologism Tis book is written by a scientist whoe lab is at the forefront of research into complex natural systems. Is a sort of scientific SOS about human supervivence yet in some way hopeless ,is a really depressing book.

After read the book one have the sensation of awake and meet oneself in the nightmare of the incredible anticipation environemental movie Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer and with Charlton Heston as the main character. Is a book of real facts and indestructible logical silogisms built Tis book is written by a scientist whoe lab is at the forefront of research into complex natural systems.

Is a book of real facts and indestructible logical silogisms built with those facts,is a book concise that one reads in a few hours. Is a rather unique book because has a lot of data and graps normally spread in several books. I only as a sample will copy some of these facts and silogisms.

Just over years ago there were one million of us. By two hundred years ago there were one billion of us. By fifty years ago there were three billion of us.

There are now seven billion of us. By our children will live in a planet with nine billion of us. Near the end of the century there will be at least ten billion of us ,probabilly much many.

In there were million cars,by were million of cars,now there are millions of cars. In the carbon dioxide concentration was ppm,in was ppm,in was ppm and raising with even more speed. To day 40 pecent of the entire ice free land of our planet is used for agriculture. The 50 percent of cereals produced are used for make meat. The meat industry is resposable of 50 percent of greenhouse gases emisions and rainforest destruction especially in Amazonas to plant soy to feed herds As our numbers continue to grow we continue to increase our need of far more cereals,far more land,far more transportation,far more water,far more energy mainly of fossil fuels speeding the global warming.

What does a car cost?. This is not true. The iron ore of the steel of the car has to be mined in for example Australia. It is then transported on a very large and very contaminat ship to for example Indonesia to made into steel. The steel is then transported in a very large and contaminant ship to for example Germany. The rubber of the roads has to be produced in for example Indonesia and again shipped to other country to make tyres.

The plastic for the dashboard is made using oil in the ground that has to be extracted and carried in a enormous ship and so on. What is the cost of the car? A absolute fortune. We have to paid the environement cost the externalities ,paid maybe for us or for our children. In we flew 62 billion pasanger miles. In we flew billion pasanger miles. Imagine today with the low cost companys. The data of rainforest destruction,overexploted seas,overexploted acuifers and so on equally depressing.

For the first time ,over a hundred plumes of methane,many of them a half mile in diameter,has been observed raising from previous frozen methane stores in east Siberia sea,probably there are many others. This could be a big trouble on a big scale. A rise in celsius degrees,probably more, in mean global temperatures seems inevitable The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,whose job it has been for twenty years to ensure stabilice greenhouse gases on earths athmosfere : failed In reality this gases emisions are growing near exponentially.

If the current rate of reproduction continues,at the end of the century there will be twenty-eight billion of us. CERN physicists tell us that they are conducting the most important experiment on Earth. It isnt The biggest and more important experiment on Earth is the one we are all conducting,right now,on Earth itself Only a idiot would deny that thre is a limit to how many people our Earth can support.. We urgently need to do,actually to do,something radical to avert a global catastrophe.

But we dont.


Ten Billion – review



Stephen Emmott's population book is unscientific and misanthropic


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