Therefore, the participants need to download the model papers and check the questions to start the practice. This is the right place for the individuals to learn new concepts and to revise all the topics. Syntel Sample Papers We all know that Syntel is a reputed company. Many of the competitors are waiting to get a job in the Syntel. Therefore, the competition will be more of the Syntel examination. The contenders need to check the latest test pattern and plan for the preparation according to it.

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Answer: D Solution: Each letter of the word is one step ahead of the corresponding letter of the code. Each question given has a problem and two statements numbered 1 and 2 giving certain information. You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer A. Statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question B.

Both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is sufficient. Each statement alone is sufficient E. What is the ratio of male to female officers in the police force in town? There is not enough information in 1 , so A and D cannot be correct. So the answer is B. What is the value of n? Should have chose statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer the question C.

Each statement alone is sufficient Answer: B Solution: Statement 1 can have a variety of solutions n could be 2, or 4 or a fractional number or negative etc. How long did it take Henry to drive to work last Wednesday? He did not stop on the way.

If he had driven twice as fast he would have taken 35 minutes. His average speed was 30 miles per hour. From statement 1 we can directly say that if he had driven at his normal speed he would have taken twice the time i. So the answer must be A or D. The answer is A. What is the slope of line l which passes through the origin of a rectangular coordinate system?

The line passes through the point 3,3 A. Each statement alone is sufficient Answer: D Solution: If a straight line passes through the origin we only need one other point to fix the line. And so we should note that 2 gives us one point and the answer must be B or D. The answer is D. If x and y are both positive integers, how much greater is x than y? Putting the information together we can solve the problem.

Solving this no need to bother will give two solutions but only one will be positive, so the answer is C. Fifty percent of the articles in a certain magazine are written by staff members.

Sixty percent of the articles are on current affairs. Hence the answer is A. Since we have a definite solution, the answer must be A or D. One number, n, is selected at random from a set of 10 integers. The largest integer in the set is The arithmetic mean of the set is zero. If for example was in the set, and the number picked happened to be , then we are certain that the value of the expression would be zero.

From 2 alone we know that some of the numbers must be positive and some negative, but once again, we have no information on the actual numbers. Thus B cannot be the answer. Combining the information is also not sufficient to get the answer because we do not know what the smallest number is.

The answer is E. Is w an integer? So the answer cannot be A or D. All even numbers when divided by 2 will give us whole numbers, and so the answer is B. What is the length of each of the pieces? The length of one of the pieces is 20 cm. Thus the answer cannot be A or D. Now our equations can be solved because we have two equations and two unknowns. There was no need to solve. Hence answer C There are saplings to be planted in an orchard. Ben and Sue working together without a break can complete the job in six hours.

How long would it take Ben working alone to complete the job? Sue working alone would take 10 hours to do the job. So we know that of the saplings 48 would be planted by Ben and 72 by Sue. Hence the answer must be A or D. Hence we can work out how much of the job Ben did in six hours, and the fraction he would do per hour.

Thus we can get the time it would take him alone. And so the answer is D. The defending champion justified his top ……..


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