Richard Hittleman passed away in Read an Excerpt Foreword Interest in Yoga is at an all-time high--and with good reason. During the past decade millions of Americans have come to recognize that the benefits of physical Yoga are very great. Not only do they far surpass those of any system of self-improvement for the body calisthenics, salon programs, jogging, isometrics, competitive sports but they extend also to the emotional and mental aspects of the individual. Yoga is concerned with the health and beauty of the organism as a unified whole. Weight control, slimming, firming, relief of tension and stiffness, improvement in general health, emergence of hidden beauty, emotional stability and a positive mental outlook will be experienced by all those who apply themselves diligently to the plan of this book.

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Shelves: nonfiction First attempt at yoga, so here I go! I felt very stretched and awake after exercising. Overall, the exercises stretch me just enough to feel more limber without feeling sore all day. I feel good, First attempt at yoga, so here I go! Days Here are the positions I now know: complete breath standing, chest expansion, triangle, knee and thigh stretch, simple twist, circular motion, lion, scalp exercise, back stretch, backward bend, modified head stand, cobra, leg over, complete breath, lotus.

Hopefully practice will make that one more successful. Overall, good exercises. Days Went on vacation, so missed about 5 days. New exercises learned in this section are: abdominal lifts, both standing and on all fours; side bend; locust; chest expansion with additional leg movements; cobra with additional turning movements; and head twist.

I seem to have no trouble with any of these, though the abdominal lifts give me a case of the burps afterward, haha. I remain unable to perform the full leg over exercise like last time, though my right leg is getting better no change in left leg. The exercises in the next section look more intimidating! I practiced, at an abbreviated rate, all previous exercises to make sure I could still complete them.

I seem to be performing exactly the same, despite many months having passed. I almost hurt myself doing the shoulder stand and plough, so I am not doing them.

I really like the back stretch exercises. The bust exercise also feels good. I definitely sit up straighter after these exercises! These are all great exercises. The days during this set focused on specific parts of the body for each day. Other than that, the exercises are going well.

Guess what, I can only do the last 2. I am now ceasing these exercises, though only 4 days remain. It seems to be exacerbating my POTS, so yoga is not a good fit for me.


Richard Hittleman's Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan

Check it out at www. This book is from the yoga pioneer who brought Hatha Yoga to the masses via TV in the s and s. I see that it continues to benefit her in numerous ways. So, I thought I should look more deeply into his approach to Hatha Yoga. However the practice plan and the yoga poses asanas themselves remain timeless.


Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan

Hittleman was a pupil of the Indian spiritual master, Ramana Maharshi , along with Paul Brunton in the late s. He also had an interest in Zen Buddhism, and Buddhism generally. He is said to have been working with his daughter on a re-interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead at the time of his death. His chief teaching was that ultimately all is only divine self the Hindu atman and that this was present in all people, to be realized through meditation and other yoga techniques. This is the God who is the Absolute, immutable, without qualities, pure Awareness, without beginning or end. Through his books, lectures, recordings and TV programs, he brought Yoga to more people than any other person alive at the time.


Richard Hittleman


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