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All the products will packing in anti-staticbag. Ship with ESD antistatic protection. We will inspect all the goods before shipment,ensure all the products at good condition and ensure the parts are new originalmatch datasheet. After all the goods are ensure no problems afterpacking, we will packing safely and send by global express. It exhibitsexcellent puncture and tear resistance along with good seal integrity. Guarantees 1.

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USB 2. Supply Management - Single 5. The USB 2. The internal 5. MW has optimized internal structure and techniques designed special for MLC process. Which make support for future flash process be possible. The boot-loader resided in the inner ROM will load the outer codes if necessary. MW has a UID generating unit implemented by especial process. Which can generate a Unique Identify Code for each die. The UID is 64bits long and can be read out by private command.

The ID can be used for the application that requires high security. For example, finance market, personal identify, high security data storage, protecting your Intellectual Property and so on. MW has consider this impenetrate its design cycle. Now our controller has optimized hardware unit for fast and efficiency disk scanning. It provides scan patterns like memory BIST algorithm.

And there are several scan pattern can be configured by user. With our special hardware support, the disk scanning will achieved the fastest speed and highest efficiency. Together with the C51 compatible MCU core, make it very suitable for value-extended produce. The controller also provide up to 28 GPIO. Figure 1. They are given only as design guidelines and are not tested.

Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. Value 3. Value 5. Value 65 65 Unit mA mA 4. Value 0 Max. All the information given in this paragraph are based on characterization results with specified typical external components. In the application the load capacitors have to be placed as close as possible to the oscillator pins in order to minimize output distortion and start-up stabilization time.

Refer to the crystal manufacturer for more details frequency, package, accuracy Typical Application with a Crystal Note 1. The crystal oscillator duty cycle has to be adjusted through the two CL capacitors. Refer to the crystal manufacturer for more details. Depending on the crystal power dissipation, a serial resistor RsOscout may be added.

Hysteresis voltage between Schmitt trigger switching levels. Based on characterization results, not tested in production. The RPU pull-up equivalent resistor is based on a resistive transistor. This data is based on characterization results, tested in production at VDD33 max.

Figure 7. Not tested in production, guaranteed by characterization.


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