Shelves: spiritual If we continually climb ft up a mountain then slip back down will we ever reach the summit? If we are to reach the summit we must stop slipping down. Mirdad would make his words into mighty rungs for out faltering understanding. To facilitate the sucessful practice of these teaching which will culminate in the soul shedding the mind and entering the pure spiritual planes from which the If we continually climb ft up a mountain then slip back down will we ever reach the summit? To facilitate the sucessful practice of these teaching which will culminate in the soul shedding the mind and entering the pure spiritual planes from which the traveler can not be thrown down we must first pass through the territory of the mind and to traverse that slippey tricky ground it is vital that yearners be able to interact and keep each other strong on the path.

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It is very unfortunate that very few people are acquainted with The Book of Mirdad for the simple reason that it is not a religious scripture. It is a parable, a fiction — but containing oceanic truth.

I am saying that the man who gave birth to this book — he was unknown, a nobody. And because he was not a novelist, he never wrote again; just that single book contains his whole experience.

The name of the man was Mikhail Naimy. Let us know about the creator first before understanding his creation. Mikhail Naimy was born in Baskinta, in Central Lebanon. In , he moved to New York where he founded with his close friend, Kahlil Gibran, a dynamic movement for the rejuvenation of Arabic Literature. He wrote this book on his return to Lebanon after the 2nd World War. He has been described as one of the greatest spiritual writers of the 20th Century.

He died in Kenneth Walker. What is the book about? One finds similarities with the works of Leo Tolstoy as well as teachings of Sufism. What is so unique about this book? In my opinion, I know of no better authoritarian figure that has been able to give a better review of this book than the legendary Osho himself. For only Osho could have purported the mystical words of the author in the best way possible — from thinking to feeling; like a true Guru who guides you to cross the abyss of ignorance using the drawbridge of words on to the other side of absolute bliss.

Once, the silence has been reached using words, who would desire to return to the chaos left behind? The reader when drenched in this beauty is enlightened just as struck by lightning and the heart then booms with silent thunders. Like the alternating lightning and thunder, epiphanies strike and emotions emanating from the thunderous silence reverberate from in to out and out to in — surging within and without the body, mind and spirit.

The meaning of the book is running side by side in silence between the words, between the lines, in the gaps. To me, personally, if I were to be faced with a crisis of losing all my precious books and Holy Scriptures, save only one — then it would be this book alone. If yoga and Tai-chi denote meditation at rest and motion respectively, then this book is a process of meditation with words soaked in mysticism. And there is no doubt that with this book, even if the reader is not prepared, this book takes one into a meditative state provided that one surrenders unconditionally to the master author in helping one to seek the truth!

Something else becomes primary; the silence that those words create, the music that those words create. The words affect your mind and the music directly goes to your heart. And it is a book to be read by the heart and not by the mind. It is a book that is not to be understood but experienced. It is something phenomenal! Mikhail Naimy made my personal journey an unforgettable one! Usually, I would use a highlighter to mark interesting lines whenever I read a book.

Then why not check with Osho again? Read it as beautiful poetry, as music spread on the pages. Read it as a message from a master of meditation. The words are code words. Their meaning is when they strike something in your heart. He was not a writer, hence, nobody ever bothered to give him a Nobel prize. He was alive in this century and he was our contemporary. His book has not been translated into many languages for the simple reason that this book is unique — it is not a book; it is a device.

And it is not meant to be read, it is meant to create a certain atmosphere around you. If you are ready, available, receptive, the atmosphere will be created and there will be great silence.

And silence is always blissful. To possess the book is one thing, to read the whole book is another, to understand the challenging content is yet another; but to absorb from what is understood is a rare and a stupendous feat in itself! He was one of the greatest men of this century. He lived unknown to the world, but just this one book makes him the greatest writer not only of this century, but of all centuries.

But there is God-Man or Man-God. There is The One. However multiplied, however divided, it is forever One. Is not the sea — though vast and deep — a single drop? Is not the Earth — though flung so far — a single sphere? Are not the spheres — though numberless — a single universe? Likewise is mankind but a single Man — likewise is Man, with all his worlds, a singleness complete.


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