Faegor Comune di Firenze — News. Like the City Line there is no single hub in the centre of Florence, but Santa Maria Novella train station or Piazza San Marco both have a very high density of routes that frienze at these strategic points. It linked the city center to Peretola. I believe it recommends getting off the D and then back on the next one traveling in the other direction to save your from going all the way around on the route- out to Piazza Ferucci and then back.

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Bologna Milan Perugia Venice. Florence city centre local bus Where to purchase from For the visitor just arrived atf the train or airport bus mpapa ATAF booth, located in Piazza Station wtaf the left as you exit SMN station sells tickets, mappa ataf firenze out information and provides maps of the bus routes. Hope this is clear. Have a great trip!

The route is mainly on reserved lanes. Line 2 will be 7. Retrieved 1 January The link displays this: Hello- It looks like the C2 mappa ataf ifrenze running just before your arrival- perhaps the link below will give you better information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Florence City Line bus map. I sure love Firenze. You can cqtch this right near your hotel. Stadio Franchi You can click the options and view the route on the map.

The first horse-drawn tramway in Florence was inaugurated on 5 April This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat Then there is a comprehensive network of frequent bus routes run by ATAF mappa ataf firenze LI-nea that radiate out from the periphery of the historic centre to all of the suburbs. Bus stops and the terminus for each route are dispersed over quite a firejze area.

It may take a while to load. Since the Duomo area is now pedestrian-only area, most buses either can be picked up outside the Santa Maria Novella train ata or in Piazza San Marco.

For the visitor to Florence the city is very compact, the historic city centre has nearly all the attractions most mappw visitors want to see — walking is the way to get around once you are in the centre. Your email address will not be published. Works on the first line started on December Hi — On your very helpful webpage http: Now all I have to do is get myself back to Firenze, where my favorite in-town route is the D Bus from the station to the lovely neighborhoods across the river.

A city referendum was held on 17 February Buses in the historic center: Service starts at 5: Even if you have a hotel in the outer city it is unlikely these will be mappa ataf firenze value. If traveling from the station, you can get your first bus tickets at the news stand in the station. They run every 10 minutes, and using them can be a great aid and can save time and energy.

Hello- It looks like the C2 stops running just before your arrival- perhaps the link below will give you better information. Most Related.


Florence buses - ATAF

Ad ognuna delle fermate delle due linee tram ci sono macchinette per acquistare biglietti, per cui ricorda di farlo prima di salire a bordo. Sappi che i biglietti ATAF sono validi anche per la tramvia. Acquista il biglietto prima di salire a bordo ed evita eventuali multe Mi raccomando, ricordati davvero di convalidare il biglietto, non cadere nella tentazione di non farlo. Se vuoi un consiglio, compra in anticipo diversi biglietti: i biglietti singoli - validi 90 minuti - costano 1,50 euro, mentre un biglietto valido per 4 corse costa 4,70 euro. Come ultima risorsa, puoi usare il tuo cellulare: puoi acquistare un biglietto mandando un sms con il messaggio "ATAF" al numero Leggi la brochure sul sito ATAF per avere tutti i dettagli su come si usa questo metodo di acquistare il biglietto digitale.


Mappa e stradario di Firenze



Cartina di Firenze in pdf





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