Tazuru He keeps telling this to his grandmother. His father on attempting to teach him Arithmetics found that his books were filled with dust and cobwebs. Malgudi Days TV series — Wikipedia How he grows up, his mischiefs which made his family irritated, his wonder, growing pains and innocence and many aspects are being portrayed in the novel. Views Read Edit View history.

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I first read Swami and Friends in , and have re-read it to kick off a little review project Narayan Project - No.

Famously, Swami and Friends is the work which got RK Narayan his start, when a friend in London showed the manuscript to Graham Greene, leading to its publication, after the friend ignored RKNs instruction to throw the work into I first read Swami and Friends in , and have re-read it to kick off a little review project Narayan Project - No. This all happens in the first five pages. RK Narayan never mucks around. The themes introduced here are ones which the author pursued throughout his writing life — the importance of good education, the need for understanding and tolerance of religious diversity, the relationship between father and son, and the relationship between student and teacher, especially between student and headmaster.

This equilibrium is disturbed by the arrival of Rajam, son of the new Police Superintendent, and wealthier and better spoken in English than Swami and his friends. Swami is dazzled by Rajam, and a group of three becomes established; a new alignment, between Swami, Mani and Rajam, which ultimately leads to the establishment of their own cricket team, which provides the impetus for the latter part of the story.

Narayan manages to capture the fears, aspirations and delights of childhood. Swami oscillates wildly, from exhilaration at new discoveries and new friends to fear and apprehension at what might befall him.

Swami is proud of his father, but he is sometimes fearful and thinks father can be unfairly restrictive. Father has laid down some ground rules for Swami prior to the examinations.

Swami ruminates: Staying home in the evenings was extremely irksome. But his father had forbidden him to go out till the examinations were over. He often felt he should tell his father what he thought of him. But somehow when one came near doing it, one failed.

He would have to endure it after all for only one week … The thought that he would have to put up with his travails only for a week at worst gave him fresh energy. He also appreciates the gulf in world views between parent and child. Take fractions for example: Swami is a dreamer and easily distracted. But even when he tries hard he has trouble understanding a question about the price of mangoes: Swami then gazed and gazed at this sum, and every time he read it, it seemed to acquire a new meaning.

He had the feeling of having stepped into a fearful maze His mouth began to water at the thought of mangoes. I will tell you whether the fruits were ripe or not, afterwards. Now read the sum. Come on. Swami keeps wrestling with the problem and side tracks himself with irrelevant distractions including the thought that if father wanted to know the price of mangoes so badly, he should go to the market himself.

With more help from his dad he eventually gets it right but immediately bursts into tears. I was reminded, rather painfully on both counts, of driving my own father to distraction at my complete failure to grasp simple to him mathematical concepts and a very similar reaction for me when trying to do the same with my son.

Like many small boys Swami is often unsure of himself and looks for assurance from his peers. Apart from the obvious works where political awareness and consciousness is apparent for example, Waiting for the Mahatma and The Painter of Signs and even Mr.

It was a response to the impact of British woven cloth on the domestic product and the brutal tactics of some colonial manufacturers who cut off the thumbs of some Indian weavers. Swami gets caught up in a riot and has lathi-bearing policemen bearing down on him.

This is serious peril and Narayan does not make light of it, although he takes pains to say the policeman reaching Swami, tapped him lightly on the head with his lathi. The major driver for Swami and his friends is then formation of a cricket team to play a challenge match. This represents the highpoint of his friendship with Rajam and Mani in particular. They organise themselves in an efficient manner, if not an entirely realistic one, especially their approach to the cricket supply company.

They also have a naive belief that the government will help them with gear. Typical Narayan touch. School parade drill prevents him from getting to cricket practice and Swami ends up in front of the headmaster for skipping drill: Swami had done so because he believed a doctor who told Swami he would tee it up with the school.

When he is hauled up before the headmaster, Swami realises the doctor has deceived him and was not treating him seriously so he learns a valuable lesson about adults.



Malgudi was a portmanteau of two Bangalore localities - Malleshwaram and Basavanagudi , the story is apocryphal. He created the town on September , on Vijayadashami , an auspicious day to start new efforts and thus chosen for him by his grandmother. Ram, in his mind, he first saw a railway station, and slowly the name Malgudi came to him. In Swami and Friends , Swami, Mani and Rajam spend most of their evenings playing or chatting by the river.


Swami and Friends

Swami and Friends is the first novel of the trilogy that is set in the fictional town of Malgudi. It is also set in British India- Monday morning the exposition The novel opens with the unpleasant Monday routines of Swaminathan, getting up in the mourning, doing his homework, getting ready and going to Albert mission school. Pillai known for his kindness, and his Scripture master Mr. Ebenezar a fanatic are introduced.


Malgudi Days


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