I counted about ninety books. I beilieve him when he says that he has read them. He then formulated and created his ramp timer method for us. I had a lucid dream the first time I used the timer. His relaxation exercises in the video are really excellent and help a lot in inducing sleep paralysis, I have seen other people say on the saltcube forum that the stop, drop and roll sleep commands really helped. Lucidology is excellent.

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I have had sleep paralysis as far back as I can remember and that led to every specialist around because the normal person says we are jacked up somehow. My sleep paralysis is so often and extreme ranging from light buzz to full on head in a race car engine to the point it literally hurts. I am a normal man from middle America. I hunt,fish,farm, and raise my kids so if I can open my mind up to the fact there might be something to all this than anyone can.

Anyhow the reason I came across this site was because last night was a whole different ball game!! It started out the same as most nights I was laying in bed holding my wife watching TV. I try and leave the TV on because it helps to keep the sleep paralysis from happening. So as most nights the light jolts started. You know the jolt you get from a loud noise the kind you can feel like a little shock. So the dog did something and the noise gave me a shock and I said oh hell here it comes again.

After the light shocks the noise starts. Only way I can describe it is like driving at mph and the noise it makes when you pass a road sign or something that shoooop sound every now again and it gets faster and faster until the sound is constant. Like at least a thousand times before this is where I start fighting it mainly due to the Hallucinations that come along with it sometimes and the most times unbearable electrical shocking feeling. I would have to say it is like being plugged into the wall outlet and feels like your head is building pressure and the top of your head is going to blow like ol faithful!

Anyhow getting sidetracked. As I said this has happened soooooo many times that I had myself convinced I am getting abducted by freaking aliens.

Actually I am still convinced that happens mainly because the haulucinations are so intense and my sleep specialist agrees that there might be more to the sleep paralysis and abduction thing than anyone wants to admit but that is for a different group of people.

Then almost as fast and hard I was slammed back into my body. The whole thing lasted only seconds and when I awoke I felt like I had been in a train wreck I was breathing like I had run a marathon and general felt like I had the crap beat out of me!! My question was why was this so different?

I dunno I think it was an out of body thing well I know it was but it was sooo violent that part is what I am wondering about if anyone has had this happen to you. As far as the sleep paralysis it happens 9 out of 10 times I fall asleep even if I fall asleep in the chair or waiting on my wife somewhere.

And I will say every time I have a Narcolepsy attact it happens and sometimes during a cataplexy attack it will happen and my freaking eyes are open and I am wide awake but yet I am paralyzed and yes there are times the hallucinations are so intense you cannot tell if it real or not.

Now before you think of it no I am not crazy,depressed,bipolar, or any mental conditions. Trust me I have been tested more times than I can count before the Narcolepsy diagnosis. So what the hell is going on? Idk sometimes its like watching a video playing on a screen or listening to a radio. Most times it happens right before or during the beginning of sleep paralysis. Who knows I have rambled on now but I really am looking for some kind of answers or suggestions. I realize that most of these comments are really old and nobody will probably see this but it feels better to at least feel like I told someone.

Anonymous March 30, at pm I am going to tell you this, something did happen. I love my rest. And I were injured. Maybe this should be only for dream repairs and memory. Leave a Reply.

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Megore Ready To Go? These are by far my most powerful OBE tricks ever. But lucdiology the noise and vibration of pain. I got a question that I thought many of the Lucidology community may want to know lucidolovy answer to:. Just get up into the OBE. Try using an mp3 player with earbuds and the timer mp3s at www. There are limits to physical eyes.


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I got a question that I thought many of the Lucidology community may want to know the answer to:. Please how to prevent me sleeping when in sleep paralysis? There were a great number of techniques I tested and tried in developing these. So if you get the goose bumps, try relaxing and using sleep breathing.


Lucidology 103

The biggest problem with OBEs that you never hear about in books is that at the start, your OBEs are going to be the pits! This gunk can be pretty nasty stuff, not only does it hold your eyelids shut, but even after you tear your eyelids open it has a kind of magnetic effect that pulls your eyelids back together. It also keeps coming back. These are by far my most powerful OBE tricks ever. There were a great number of techniques I tested and tried in developing these. I have opted for quality of techniques over quantity.

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