EV asa: Filter thread: All models are broadly similar spec but with refinements. The B added a timer. My U was missing this so I can only comment on the standard square frame. Plastic bodied but feels reasonably well made and the lens components look more classy.

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This page is copyright by mike butkus. Butkus, NJ. This page may not be sold or distributed without the expressed permission of the producer Page 3: Technical Data Self-timer operation time, s Film rewinding spool Cable release Shoulder strap Page 4 Lens cap Packing box Operation manual Page 5 www.

Page 6 25 --ground glass circle; 26 --folding focusing magnifier; 27 --veiwfinder cover lock; 4www. Page 7 www. The reflex viewfinder consists of the viewfinder itself and a ground glass representing a small circle in the center of field lens with a folding focusing magnifier mounted above it. The viewfinder is provided with metal light protective hoods that open simultaneously with raising the cover.

Page 8 then the side hoods, the rear hood with a square window and at last the cover until its front frame lug catches with the viewfinder case lock catch. Page 9 www. On releasing the shutter the synchronizer will act automatically. Page Taking Pictures At exposure scale every following value is two times proceeding one. The diaphragm is f- numbered in such a manner that the pointer moving to a stop two times increase or decrease the amount of light for exposure.

Page Unloading The Camera www. Exposure is set on exposure scale by rotating exposure adjusting ring dog 5 fig. The required diaphragm value is set by moving the lever 22 fig.

Looking to the viewfinder determine the frame limits and with the focusing reach the required sharpness at the ground glass circle. Page Acceptance Certificate Never wipe the plastic parts of the camera and the field lens with alcohol, acetone and other active solvents.


Lubitel 166 Universal Review : The Canny Man’s TLR

The camera incorporates a coated lens, two viewfinders, diaphragm shutter with wide range of speeds, self timer and flash synchronizer. Page 2 the camera over the head as well as turning it horizontally at the right angle. For taking pictures at eye level the frame viewfinder is used that is more convenient when there is experience in estimating distances by eye and in correct focusing according to distance scale. Page 3 To determine image limits the camera should be held at eye level, the object should be observed through the square window in the rear hood keeping the camera at the distance when the window edges coincide with those of the square opening in front frame. In this case the limits of the viewfinder field will be the image limits.


Lomo Lubitel 166+

If you want to shoot 6x4. Each of the masks are labeled so that you can choose the right one. Ensure that it clicks securely into position. Take a deep breath, grasp your camera in your hand, remove the Lens Cap, and read on… Unwrap your film roll. It will be mounted at the bottom. Pull out 35mm Rewind Crank. Insert your film roll between these two, and push them back into place.


Lubitel 166B User Manual



LOMO Lubitel 166 General Instructions Manual


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