To do so would probably be the last his family would ever see of him. But this tavern, on the very edge of that den of thieves, was there for the unsuspecting to stumble upon, have a few drinks, and get their pockets picked, or if they were stupid enough to let a room there for the night, to get completely robbed, clothes and all. Jeremy had paid for a room. He had deliberately set the stage for a robbery - his own. Amazingly, Percy Alden was keeping his mouth shut for once. He was a chatterbox by nature, and quite scatterbrained on top of that.

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Start your review of A Loving Scoundrel Malory-Anderson Family, 7 Write a review Shelves: historical-romance-etc This was another one lovely and adventurous story from the Mallory family!!! God, he grew up very well!!! And in the equation of this crazy bunch was added Danny Jeremy Mallory had an This was another one lovely and adventurous story from the Mallory family!!! Jeremy Mallory had an adventurous life since he was a child He adores the female company very much and he is determined to live like a bachelor for a very long time But everything are changing when he is deciding to go to the worst part of the city to find someone to steal something for him Danny is a young woman who is pretending the boy for almost 15years now When she was very young, she found herself in a strange situation and her memory was lost Now, she is living as a boy and she is stealing for living But she has other plans for her life Her whole life is changing, since she was forced to leave behind the life that she knew and she turned toward Jeremy to help her by offering her a job as a maid in his house And a new chapter is starting for her!!!

Jeremy from the first moment was charmed by Danny and he wanted to make her his, but Danny was resisting, even though that she was feeling the same But she had some goals and a woman like her needed to stay focused And for how long???

Will Jeremy start to rethink his ways in life because of her??? Do they have a chance to be together??? And who is after her??? And what about the young debitant that wants to earn Jeremy from herself???

I liked very much Jeremy and Danny Jeremy was cute and charming He was an interesting man with high sense of humor and lovely ways How could you resist to this guy??? Danny had captivate his interest from the first moment and she managed to crept upon his heart As for Danny She was tough and lovely at the same time!!!

She was acting as a boy for such a long time that she forgot how to be a woman, but near to Jeremy her sensuality and beauty bloom and she transformed to a gorgeous and wonderful woman But she still had her doubts about Jeremy For once again, i over-enjoyed the presence of the rest of the Mallorys They are always so crazy and wonderful!!!


A Loving Scoundrel (Malory-Anderson Family Series #7)



A Loving Scoundrel




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