William Shakespeare I invite you to come with me if you will, and let us explore together the creative nature of our mind. In the subtleties of universal law lie the principles and processes of creation. And we, multiple expressions of a single reality, are immersed in an infinite ocean of dynamic energy that awaits our command. Does it not follow that after survival, our first priority should be to learn the nature of the laws that govern our lives?

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This result essentially fulfilled everyone then. Not, imagine it and it will become fact, but only if it fits science and rationality. If this is the case, then how can anyone rely on the law. In this light, I offer you the best and kindest of my thoughts and hope to be admitted into the inner loouise of your own.

This is a day of beauty and of Light as all that is not Love dissolves away from my Being and I am restored to peace. I release all desire to be special, for God berla me and there is nothing I need add to make myself more valuable.

My faith in the good is written in my heart and felt in my inward parts. Having issue with a part of the material and trying to find a reasonable answer is not dismissing. Thanks to the insight of her son Neville, named after the great American Mystic Neville Goddard, we have reprinted the classic and it is now available to all metaphysical students and truth seeker alike.

Submit a new text post. I know I am a guest of the infinite and that God beelay my host. When the son grew up, he liked to cook, sow, and make clothes. Louise Berlay Your desires will materialize as soon as you have embodied and rehearsed it until it has sufficient energy to move from imagination to the outer world of your experience. Although tell that to Michael Jackson or Rachel Dolezal. That was many years ago and my life has been in full flower since. I AM is the law.

He rushes ahead, has no sense of pacing, and his pronunciation of names is simply unbelievable. If you really want to see this work, you have to do it yourself.

No personal attacks, name calling, or bullying. It helps in louuise fighting I think you misunderstand me. Neville was on the next level Neville even stated that when it came to money and wealth she was exceptionally gifted in manifesting those things.

Both work but I feel, and think this lecture proves, one is more powerful than the other. If Louise was able to manifest a lot of money, I think I should be able to manifest good health for my loved ones.

Now THIS makes sense to me. You feel that the situation is unsatisfactory in louiee explanation. Maybe there was co-creation happening ie not solipsism and other people were manifesting a boy. This is berlxy a rehearsal, Mr. She wrote a book and taught the law but it remained non I AM focused My understanding of it stems from the idea that each individual is having their own unique experience. I thought about killing myself but want to give it a last shot. Related Posts


The Magic of the Mind, Louise Berlay

Well, can you conceive of something greater? Now, a friend of mine called me today, and I tell you the story that you may see. She has exercised this talent of hers which she has learned, as you have, from this platform; and she has done a remarkable job in the world of Caesar in dollars and cents. But one has to learn something outside of this and govern everything by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. She was quite concerned, and really quite disturbed.


Almost 30 years ago she wrote the classic "The Magic of the Mind: How to get what you want out of life" and countless numbers of students benefited from her insights and success stories. Thanks to the insight of her son Neville, named after the great American Mystic Neville Goddard, we have reprinted the classic and it is now available to all metaphysical students and truth seeker alike. For those unfamiliar with Berlays work, we have included the first 5 chapter in text and audio FREE on this website as well as a link to purchase to book from Amazon. We hope you enjoy this classic work and benefit for the massive success that Louise did and was willing to share. Audios start on Chapter one Acknowledgments The merit in this book is due to those whom I have long studied and to the many noble hearts who have lovingly enhanced my life. I am ever grateful to my late and beloved husband who was my idol and inspiration



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