How to Apologize July 2, - John Kador When we make a mistake, most of us understand that we owe an apology. We know this because when we are hurt by a mistake made by someone else, we want that person to apologize to us. What is Apology? Apology is the practice of extending ourselves because we value the relationship more than we value the need to be right.

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What we say here about books applies to all formats we cover. Qualities Applicable Recommendation Mistakes and misconduct are no longer private matters. With video-sharing websites and the proliferation of cellphone cameras, technology can expose every blunder and make it fodder for public opinion. John Kador explains how. And if it does not meet your needs, well, someone owes you an apology.

Mistakes are unavoidable and no human being is perfect, so knowing how to apologize is a vital skill. An appropriate, timely apology can neutralize bitterness, heal hurt feelings, reduce the chance of litigation, and restore and renew relationships.

Sometimes, an apology can make a relationship even stronger. Moreover, denying misbehavior can carry big risks and refusing to apologize may have a heavy cost. An apology is an effort to reach out and admit that you were wrong. Apology requires the person at fault to communicate openly with the injured party. Repair and Renewal.


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Can apologizing make you rich? I was surprised to read about the financial implications of apology for both individuals and businesses providing them. Would you talk about these and share some examples from your research? We all know that the cover-up is worse than the underlying crime. Apology eliminates that complication from our world.

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