Samuzahn This Japanese Industrial Standard has been prepared based on each first edition of I S 0 Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical delivery conditions-Part 6: We also stock a significant seamless tubing inventory across many wall dimensions and material grades. Suppliers reviewed by inspection services. Flange Trio Steel Supply has an extensive selection of pipe fittings and flanges to fully complement our Know more. Table 7 Tolerances on outside diameter, wall thickness and wall thickness deviation Division Hot-finished seamless Pipe Cold-finished v pipe, automatic arc welded pipe, electric resistance welded pipe, and laser welded pipe Tolerances on outside diameter Under 50 mm f 0.

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Applications JIS G high-pressure carbon steel pipes are extensively used for pressure service, high pressure service and high temperature software. This high pressure steel pipe is also utilized in boiler, electric power, machinery, gas tank, chemical engineering, offshore and petroleum engineering, etc.

Wall thickness on this high pressure steel pipe ranges from 2. The length is millimeters. Competitive Advantages JST has three sets of advanced hydrostatic press to check on the compactness of steel pipes. Common actions like judge whether there exists leakage phenomenon of this carbon steel pipe through naked eyes or pressure drop. The maximum test pressure reaches Mpa, which meets the requirements of questionable steel pipes.

Similar to provide ultrasonic flaw detection test or eddy current inspection, as well as provide relevant inspection documents. JST can also do nondestructive inspection for G carbon steel water lines. We will get rid of disqualified high-pressure steel pipes and ensure that we manage to supply boiler, superheater and heat-exchanger pipes with stable performance and quality. For the surface defects, JST professional inspection personnel will do polishing, removal, repair nicely series of processes based on their specific characteristics.

These processes are carried out in accordance with specifications. After treatment, inspectors will instigate a second inspection for carbon steel pipes. They also measure the wall thickness of high pressure steel pipes and make their performance more ferme. PackagingWe package our products in bare, bundles, crates or crate protection in the both sides of tubes. Specifications of G Carbon Steel Pipe 1.


配管用ステンレス鋼管(SUS-TP)の規格、サイズ、寸法、sch、重量、JIS G 3459



JIS G3459 & CNS 6331



ไม่มีรอยต่อท่อเหล็กสแตนเลส, JIS G3459 SUS304, SUS316, SUS321, เอียง End, 6m / PC กรณี Ply ไม้


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