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That, coupled with the constant drone of multiple hard drives and computer fans, makes for a listening environment that is anything but conducive to critical listening. Since music and sound are as important as any of the elements that make a film what it is, it seems as if the odds are stacked against being able to hear well enough to make critical decisions based upon what you hear in your room.

The Control 2P compact powered reference monitor from JBL Professional addresses that need in a very effective manner. The set-up is incredibly simple. The package contains two speakers, a power supply, a cable to connect speaker one to speaker two, snap on pedestals to elevate the angle of the speakers, and a manual.

They are rated at 35 watts per channel, and include a three-position high frequency selector as well as a master volume knob on the side of the right speaker and a headphone insert jack. Their small size 9. The snap-in pedestals easily raised their angle to perfectly direct the sound on axis to my ears. I was surprised that the sound was quite comparable to my trusty large monitor speakers that frame my mixing console Mackie HRs and Yamaha NSs.

With the high-EQ switch set to flat, I found the high end to be crisp and distinct without sounding sharp, edgy or false. The low end, to my ears, was round and full, but needed a little shaping to match my large monitors and what my room needs. So I rolled off a mid to narrow notch around hz, which brought them into the range of exactly what I wanted to hear.

The point of this is that they were easily brought into a sonic equivalent of the larger expensive speakers that I have become so accustomed to. They get used to listening to something over and over again, and no matter how poorly it sounds they can become accustomed to that sound.

While editing, they ultimately form attachments to poor audio, and when they finally do go to a professional mix facility they can be unprepared to conduct a mix on schedule and on budget, and to use their sound palette to the fullest. I auditioned them while scoring a current film project, listening to the rough music through the speakers with the narrative and effects at a normal listening volume.

Even with narrative and effects mixed where they should be, I could hear exactly what the composer me intended, as far as low end, nuanced instruments and internal subtle melodies.

All of the sonic detail of all of the elements was easy to discern. This quality of sound is what I would hope and expect that the producers hear when I send them my tracks. JBL lists the frequency range at 80Hz to 20KHz, and the response over the spectrum is shown to be fairly flat. I have never been reliant solely on specs as I prefer to use my ears. I did feel that I needed to roll off that notch at Hz for my tastes.

Someone else may not need to do that as sound is very subjective. Position angle is very important for these speakers. If you are sitting off axis you might not get the full benefit of being able to hear accurately what the potential is.

And attention was paid to small details, as in the large rotary volume control placed conveniently on the right side of the right speaker and in the ease of set-up. In addition, the Control 2Ps would have an obvious application in a situation where remote live sound is needed due to their size, volume output, and ease of set-up.

He can be reached at: tphillips obtmusic. After directing the first three films in April 4, Second only to staring at the walls in my office, I stare at a screen all day, every day. July 2,



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22 C-D060A103 PDF

JBL Control 2P (Stereo Pair)

Daran Each speaker has a 5. Write a review wyxrtsavrwcfbfevsfwc. Add to TV output; B: C22ps stereo headphone jack is provided for private monitoring. The connecting speaker wire for the non-powered unit could have been longer. See any errors on this page? There is one 35 W amp in one speaker and it powers them both. If you want high-quality studio monitors, these are not for you.


JBL Control 2 PS BK

Dugul Have sent it back and selected a different brand speaker. The speaker can also be wall-mounted using an optional mounting kit, sold separately. Be the first to review this item. An internal peak limiter and overload protection circuit prevent overloads and distortion. Potentiometers usually only fail after extended use or lack of use. Worked just fine for 3 days and then noticed some sort of sound problems. The speaker is magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors and other electronics.

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