But Relief? Depends on Where You Live. In others, residents fear eviction. Unlike the more gradual effects of the global financial crisis, lockdowns and social distancing present a physical constraint especially in face-to-face services with more immediate economic consequences. The Fed is implementing bold monetary policies and preparing larger and bolder ones.

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Advertisement President Trump weighed in on this front on Twitter at p. The Senate failed to invoke cloture on the bill Sunday evening, a big defeat. But they continued to work into the night to try and get a deal. Dems also say the Senate bill has too little for states, localities and individuals. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now says she will introduce her own package on Monday , possibly slowing the path to final passage.

Futures clawed back some of that loss amid reports of a deal by early Monday. Markets were set to drop sharply at the opening bell given the broad assumption among Wall Street traders that DC would swiftly pass a massive stimulus package to immediately pump money into an economy that is largely shuttered and could soon suffer millions of job losses and a second quarter that could see growth contract by more than 10 percent.

But markets could easily claw back those losses if the mood in Washington shifts on Monday and it appears like Democrats are Republicans are getting closer to some kind of bi-partisan agreement that would assuage Democrat complaints and allow for swift Senate passage and quick approval by the House. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin left the Capitol at about midnight, according to our John Bresnahan , meaning no late-night deal. MM still believes Republicans will include enough language from Democrats to get a bill done early in the week before we start to see the kind of Armageddon-like economic data that will undoubtedly scare the life out of just about everyone.

MM had limited success at it. EDT for a virtual discussion with Gov. Larry Hogan R-Md. Have questions? Driving the Day All eyes will be on the Hill and progress of the stimulus bill along with market reaction. The big data point of the week comes Thursday with initial jobless claims which are likely to shatter records. Register to watch to here. These anecdotes suggest that the next jobless claims report covering the week of March will show that initial claims rose to roughly 2. Of the total million workers, million are in private service-providing industries.

Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. And Trump wants our response to be a half-trillion dollar slush fund to boost favored companies and corporate executives — while they continue to pull down huge paychecks and fire their workers. Needless to say her leadership is critical at this time.

Griffin is starting up a new fund at Citadel to take advantage of the volatility and price discrepancies caused by the selling pressure in the bond market. Rand Paul R-Ky. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee are also no on self-quarantine, among others. The transaction also came as financial markets were starting to tumble as the devastating economic impact of the outbreak was becoming clear.

Within weeks, many non-bank mortgage servicers, including many of the largest loan servicers in the country, face the risk of insolvency. Even so, the pain may not be over yet, analysts and portfolio managers told Reuters on Sunday. From the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, to other issues taking shape around the world affecting inequality, technology, trade and climate change, Global Translations offers a unique perspective on the biggest issues of our time.


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