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To the trailing edge of the galaxy, the Calixis Sector is bordered by the hazardous territories of the Fydae Great Cloud and to spinward by the Scarus Sector.

Bordering to coreward, its immediate neighbour is the Ixaniad Sector. To rimward lie the contested and unregulated Imperial frontiers of the Halo Stars where humans and xenos mix in the quest for power and profit in the infamous Koronus Expanse. This territory represents a vulnerable fraction of the Imperium, far from the millions-strong armies and mighty battlefleets that protect its most ancient and important worlds and defend its war-torn frontiers.

The fate of the sector is tainted with disturbing prophecies and haunted by an inexplicable evil. Within its ill-portended bounds there are countless threats to keep the Adepts of the Imperium stretched beyond capacity. It is up to a few extraordinary individuals to save the sector from being consumed by a dark future of corruption and suffering.

Like all Imperial territories, the Calixis Sector is at risk from the chronic dangers facing humanity: war, mutation, xenos activity, the mark of Chaos , and so on. However, a singular threat lurks somewhere in the Calixis Sector, a mysterious, prophesied doom that has drawn the particular scrutiny of the Inquisition to this group of worlds.

This enigmatic threat, the Hereticus Tenebrae, or the Tyrant Star as it is known, is something the forces of the Inquisition most fervently wish to uncover, to comprehend and to destroy, before it is too late for the people of the Calixis Sector--and perhaps all of Mankind. The hive world of Scintilla , situated in the Golgenna Reach sub-sector, is the capital of the Calixis Sector. However, the Calixian Conclave, led by Lord Inquisitor Caidin, is the true ultimate authority in the sector, a clandestine and all-powerful presence behind the visible emblems and figureheads of Imperial power.

No one has the power to gainsay the word of the Inquisition. The power of the Imperial Adepta, however, is rivalled by the Great Houses, the noble families and Calixian corporations, which maintain a presence across the sector.

Even the minor noble houses, those whose influence is limited to a single world, hold a great deal of power over ordinary citizens. Contents [ show ] History The Calixis Sector is located in the Segmentum Obscurus , on the northern edge of the known galaxy near the Eye of Terror , and represents a portion of the considerable territories conquered by the Imperial Lord Militant Angevin almost two thousand Terran years ago in the 39th Millennium during the Angevin Crusade.

The Imperium of Man is spread impossibly thin across an estimated two-thirds of the entire galaxy. While it is true that some governors rule not just a single planet but an entire system, and that other worlds have no governor at all, the fact is that the Imperium is stretched so thinly across the void that an interstellar traveller could make his way from one edge to the other, traversing a hundred thousand light years of space, and not once cross paths with a human being.

Worlds once colonised because of their location or some desirable natural resource have developed into the cores of sectors, many of which have swollen to include two hundred or more star systems. These sectors are connected to one another by relatively stable, if still hazardous, inter-sector Warp routes and the vast, uncharted reaches between each are referred to as Wilderness Space.

These unexplored depths harbour all manner of terrors, from ravening pirates to unknown alien empires, as well as untold riches, from long-lost human colonies to worlds strewn with the wealth of long-extinct xenos species. The sector is relatively young, having been hewn from the xenos-haunted Calyx Expanse around two thousand years ago by the blood and toil of the armies of Lord Militant Angevin. The Calixis Sector is at once blessed and cursed by its location. The Calixis Sector might not be cursed by total, all-consuming sector-wide conflict as so many other regions are, but it is nonetheless cursed.

Because of such heresies, the sector is host to a high number of Inquisitors , drawn by the conspiracies and mysteries that afflict it. So many Inquisitors are active in the Calixis Sector that a degree of formalisation has developed over the centuries.

The Ordos Calixis come together in the Calixian Conclave, the figurehead of which is the Lord Inquisitor Caidin , an inveterate master of intrigue whose face is ever obscured behind a mask and who is said to walk amongst the populace at will.

Despite the outwardly formal nature of the Calixian Conclave, the Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector are as riven with disagreement and schism as those of any other region. This patrician veteran of galactic intrigue and conspiracy is concerned only that each world in his realm meets its Imperial tithe, having little or no concern how this is achieved. As with most worlds on the Imperium, the details of planetary governance are left to the Imperial Commanders on the ground.

Hax is the head of a mighty infrastructure responsible for raising and coordinating the tithes of hundreds of worlds, a gargantuan task only made possible by the legions of scribes, factors, and assayers that toil ceaselessly beneath him. Possibly the most demanding challenge faced by the Calixian sector authorities is the massive, decades-long Imperial Crusade taking place in the distant region called the Jericho Reach. Though situated on the opposite side of the galaxy to Calixis, the two are linked by a Warp Gate , through which vessels travel in the blink of an eye a distance that would normally take months, if not years, of perilous Warp navigation.

The so-called Jericho-Maw Warp Gate remains a jealously guarded secret and travel through it is very often one-way. The Jericho Reach is at once a region rich in resources and a potential curse upon the Imperium. To capture the vast wealth of the Jericho Reach and to ensure the Warp Gate remains secure, the Imperium has committed vast resources of men and materiel into the Achilus Crusade. Untold numbers of Imperial troops and limitless resources are being channelled through the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate, drawn from the Calixis Sector and beyond, and countless millions of Imperial Guard troops have already given their lives fighting on the other side of the galaxy to capture a region steeped in blood and darkness.

Much of the true nature of events, as well as vital occurrences of dire import, remain hidden. He successfully recruits half of the Space Marine Legions, large parts of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperial Army into the service of Chaos and unleashes a 7-year-long galactic civil war that kills billions.

Horus is slain by the Emperor at the conclusion of the Battle of Terra. Mortally wounded himself in the confrontation, the Emperor is interred within the Golden Throne. The present Age of the Imperium begins.

The Age of Apostasy M36 - The Imperium is consumed by civil war and apostasy from true faith in the Emperor after the High Lord Goge Vandire seizes control of both the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy in an attempt to impose his own will upon the Imperium rather than serving the will of the Emperor.

He is ultimately brought down by an invasion of Terra known as the Terran Crusade and the Ecclesiarchical Palace led by the Space Marines, the Imperial Guard and his own bodyguards, the Daughters of the Emperor, the predecessors of the Adepta Sororitas.

The invasion is spurred on and guided by a militant religious reformer, the priest Sebastian Thor , and his Covenant of Light. The War of Assassins M36 The Reign of Blood Ends The Haarlock Charter The Great Voyage He also notes several worlds that he deems to mark out the territory of an ancient and long-dead alien civilisation, aeons old, and names their former realm a "Chalice of Great and Ancient Wickedness.

M37 - The world of Sinophia is granted by the High Lords of Terra as the personal fiefdom of the Rogue Trader Teresa Sinos at the end of her voyages as a reward for her service to the Imperium. The planet is situated beyond the edge of the Scarus Sector and rapidly becomes a staging post for expeditions into the frontier of the Calyx Expanse and the Halo Stars beyond. The Age of Plunder Various Dates. MM39 - The stories brought back from the Calyx Expanse of wealth, xenos artefacts and resource-rich, life-sustaining worlds draw numerous Imperial Free Captains, Rogue Traders and Renegades to the region from across the already-settled Scarus and Ixaniad Sectors.

But enough plunder flows into Imperial coffers to keep a steady stream of adventurers, rogues and Explorators entering the Expanse. Many never to return. The Altid Crusade M38 The Meratis Settlement mid-M38 - Isolationist voider families fleeing persecution in the dynastic wars of the Ixaniad Sector settle the Meratis Cluster in the stellar dead zone between the abyss and their former home.

In time their numbers are swollen by human Renegades, outlaws and worse, forming the Meritech Clans. Ymgarl Moons Cleansed of Genestealers M39 - The Salamanders Chapter of Space Marines cleanses the moons of Ymgarl of the strain of Genestealers long found in that region of the galaxy.

The purge is not successful and Ymgarl Genestealers will continue to plague the Imperium in the centuries to come. The Angevin Crusade Begins M39 - Praetor Golgenna Angevin, a powerful noble from the Terran Court, is raised to the rank of Lord Militant in the Imperial Guard and granted a writ from the High Lords of Terra to persecute an Imperial Crusade to liberate and dominate the area of space designated as the Calyx Expanse.

A score of Rogue Trader and Explorator fleets range ahead of the main Imperial forces, identifying targets and providing active reconnaissance in this dangerous region of space. M39 - Having strongly established and fortified two salients of conquered Imperial territory into the Calyx Expanse, with their domains now anchored on the worlds of Solomon and Malfi, as well as defeated three minor xenos empires and innumerable other non-compliant forces in the prior twenty years of fighting, the Angevin Crusade pauses for fortification and entrenchment of its gains before the next stage of conquests begins.

The Crusade is then granted a fresh influx of troops by the High Lords of Terra in recognition of its success and the wealth already pouring into Imperial coffers from their conquests , in order to press on. Such horrors are attested to on this world that after its destruction its former location is stricken from all Imperial records, only to live on as a dark Calixian legend.

The Golgenna Consolidation This phase of the campaign proves disastrous, as worsening conditions in the Warp and a series of calamities and reversals beset the Imperial forces, and when the fleets finally meet in M39 at the world of Orendal the Imperial losses of the last four years nearly equal that of the first two decades of the Crusade. Angevin commands the world of Orendal be transformed into a shrine to honour the fallen dead and then he orders a retreat. Some say that after this time Angevin is a man broken in will and purpose.

The Bleak Years Morale problems and discord grow in the ranks. Drusus is widely acclaimed as a saviour but many powerful figures in the Crusade view him as a dangerous warmonger, rival and would-be usurper. The Transfiguration of Drusus The Great Founding M39 - Mass colonial expeditions from the overpopulated worlds of the distant Segmentum Solar, and from nearer afield in the troubled Mandragora and Gehenna Sectors arrive within the fledgling Calixis Sector, creating a great influx of human population to the region.

The Death of Angevin Though the official cause of death is listed as natural causes, rumours lay his decline in health on advanced old age and a surfeit of fine living. The Grant of The Lathes M39 - In recognition of their invaluable assistance and heavy losses in the purging of the taint of the Adrantians, as well as their service to the Angevin Crusade in decades past, Drusus grants the Lathe System to be the sole domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus in perpetuity, and ratifies their claims to several other worlds and rights of free and unchecked passage through the stars the Crusade has conquered.

The full effective pacification of the sector will continue to consume much blood and treasure of the Imperial war machine for a further three Terran centuries to come. The Death of Drusus M39 - The first and greatest Lord Sector Calixis dies and is succeeded by Marshal Corin Shultus, his former aide-de-camp and distant kinsmen to the late Golgenna Angevin.

Mass lamentation and political unrest accompany the news of his passing and the entire sector undergoes a seven-year cycle of mourning. The Beatification of Saint Drusus M39 - After nearly a century of deliberation the General Synod of Terra confers sainthood on Drusus, whose cult and dogma had already flourished within the Calixis Sector and become a dominating factor in the local Calixian sect of the Imperial Cult.

The War of Hubris M39 - The independent world of Sinophia fights a covert trade war with the burgeoning commercial powers of the newborn Calixis Sector and is laid low. As a result, in the years that follow, much of its population is repatriated to the sector itself, its hive cities emptying and commerce fleeing. Sinophia now retains but a shadow of its former prominence and grandeur, nominally passing under the writ of the Lord Sector Calixis, and condemned to a long, slow economic starvation.

The Donionian Crusade M39 The Threefold Curse M40 - Two heavily defended Battlefleet Calixis watch-stations and a sizable capital ship taskforce, lead by the Grand Cruiser Fire of Heaven, are destroyed by unknown assailants in the outer reaches of the Hazeroth Abyss, forcing an Imperial retrenchment, effectively shrinking the border of the sector and ending further military expansion in the region.

The Macharian Crusade M40 - The Lord Solar Macharius launches a massive Imperial Crusade into the unexplored regions of the galaxy that marks the largest expansion of Imperial territory since the Great Crusade 9 millennia before.


Guide to the Markets

Zulrajas Queues of pilgrims snake from the cathedral throughout the middle hive, sometimes spending years waiting for a glimpse of the cathedral while surviving off the efforts of Ecclesiarchy handouts, lay volunteers caliis unscrupulous traders. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. From here the watchmen are supposed to observe procedures on the bridge to ensure protocol. The throne itself is of ice kept permanently frozen, and the voluminous royal guise which the queen wears are partly to keep her from being frozen herself. From the edge of the mine pit can be glimpsed the heaped-up wooden tenements known as the Commons, while cart tracks and well-worn paths lead below the edge of the pit towards the mining areas deep below the ground.



To the trailing edge of the galaxy, the Calixis Sector is bordered by the hazardous territories of the Fydae Great Cloud and to spinward by the Scarus Sector. Bordering to coreward, its immediate neighbour is the Ixaniad Sector. To rimward lie the contested and unregulated Imperial frontiers of the Halo Stars where humans and xenos mix in the quest for power and profit in the infamous Koronus Expanse. This territory represents a vulnerable fraction of the Imperium, far from the millions-strong armies and mighty battlefleets that protect its most ancient and important worlds and defend its war-torn frontiers. The fate of the sector is tainted with disturbing prophecies and haunted by an inexplicable evil.


Segmentum Obscurus

Mezikazahn Most importantly they are gujde in the strength of mind to resist the secular temptations that are a constant threat to the Sisters Famulous. Sometimes confused with the Threnos Zone. These occasions can be dangerous, as many are trampled or killed in fights over the best claims, but this is accepted as the price for making sure the fittest, most determined serfs mine the most productive seams. In times past, guiee serfs had to chain themselves, or one of their children, to the marker to ensure calixix the claim was respected. From left to right: Nowhere within the Calixis Sector is beyond the reach of the Ruinous Powers, from the sanctums of the Abbey of the Dawn on Iocanthos to the secret cloisters of the daemonhunting Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus.


Calixis Sector


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