Of a performance of the latter in he later recalled, "I sat in one long rapture from the beginning of the opera to its close". He later said that Berlioz and his music were among the greatest emotional influences of his youth. Berlioz said of it, "The Agnus, for three solo voices with chorus, by M. Everything in it is novel and distinguished — melody, modulation, harmony.

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Four-part Laudate Dominum. For solo soprano, chorus, and orchestra Ave verum de Mozart. For voice Ave verum. Words by A. For orchestra and organ or solo organ ad libitum Da pacem, antiphon. Four-part Inviolata.

Words by Paul Besnard. Words by Racine Ave verum. Four-part Ave verum; O salutaris. With orchestra or organ Le vendredi-saint.

Words by Jules Barbier. Words by M. For orchestra Version with piano and organ ad libitum Tota pulchra es. Words by C. With piano or organ Ave verum There is a green hill far away. With piano, organ, and harmonium ad libitum De profundis O salutaris. Words by Jules Barbier —73 O salutaris. For solo soprano or tenor —73 Version for alto or baryton "Two Benedictus: A morning service. Words by P. Words by R. Dulong de Rosnay. Words by Racine and Athalie. For soprano and alto Hymn to the holy virgin, canticle In English by B.

Baker Glory to thee my God, this night. For chorus and organ Forever with the Lord. Words by J. Words by Weldon. For solo, chorus, and orchestra. Arranged by E. Tinel Ave verum. For soli, chorus, and organ ad libitum De profundis. For solo baryton Hymne de la patrie.

Notre-Dame de France. Words by Georges Boyer Te Deum. For soli or small chorus, chorus, organ, and harp The holy vision. Words by Frederic E. Wheaterly "60 sacred songs" La communion des saints. Words by Paul Collin. For chorus Tantum ergo. With violin, violoncello, and organ Pater noster. Words by E. Words by Racine. Words by Spenner. For chorus —58 Le rosier blanc. Words by Spenner —58 Patte de velours.

Words by Spenner —58 La jeune fille et la fauvette, melody. Words by Turpin. For piano and violin, or violoncello, or flute, or harmonium — Ryby In English by O.

Meredith Primavera, melody. Words by O. Pradere —55 Chant de paix —55 Les vacances. Words by L. For chorus —55 En ce doux asile, by Rameau. Words by Victor Hugo. With piano A une jeune Grecque, epitaph.

Words by Jules Barbier Solitude. Words by Ernest Legouve Stances. Arranged with piano by F. Morand Au printemps. Barbier Le vendredi-saint. Words by Alexis Bardou. For chorus and piano A une bourse.

Arranged by F. For voice and piano Les martyrs, scene. For soprano and alto La cigale et la fourmi. For chorus Le corbeau et le renard. Rowe Par une belle nuit, nocturne. For soprano and alto La paquerette. Words by Alexandre Dumas Chanter et souffir. Words by Albert Delpit Mignon. Words by Louis Gallet Le souvenir. Words by Joseph Collin Oh! Words by Charles Kingsley.

With harmonium and viola ad libitum The sea hath its pearls. With harmonium and violin ad libitum Beware: I know a maiden. Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Queen of love. Words by Henry Dulcken, from the French words by A. Kett Good night. Words by Shelley It is not always May. Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Oh, happy home!

Oh, blessed flower! Maitland —72 The fountains mingle with the river. Words by Shelley —72 There is dew. Words by Thomas Hood —72 Woes me! Woes me! Ligny —72 Version in English by Webb Quanti mai.

Dumas —72 Biondina, in 12 numbers. Words by Giuseppe Zaffira —72 Heureux sera le jour. Words by Ronsard. Lemoine —72 La fauvette. Words by Millevoye —72 La fleur du foyer. Words by Charles Ligny and E. Maitland —72 Oh! Ligny Maid of Athens. Ruelle In Italian by A. Zanardini The message of the breeze, duet Ma belle amie est morte, lamento.

For soprano and alto Barcarola Words by Giuseppe Zaffira. For soprano and baryton —73 Version in French by Jules Barbier Blessed is the man —73 Chidiock Tichborne —73 E le campane hanno suonato —73 Entreat me not to leave thee —73 E stati, alquanto —


Charles Gounod



List of compositions by Charles Gounod



Repentir! O Divine Redeemer!


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