Pennsylvania 17th place Mr. Keystone Winner Mr. Olympia 3rd, after suffering a near-fatal injury at his home, requiring lengthy hospitalization IFBB Mr. He became inspired, and bought himself a 30 lb set of dumbbells and began training almost immediately. During 3 years of hard training, Frank went from a skinny lb year-old boy to a lb stocky year-old — a whopping 30lbs of lean muscle in just 3 years. A good his example of this was when Frank was teaching Boy Scouts as an on-site archery instructor.

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He started bodybuilding as a teenager after reading a muscle building magazine. For 13 years, he taught mathematics and chemistry while living in Florida and California.

Bodybuilding career Edit Zane is a three-time Mr. Olympia to His reign represented a shift in emphasis from mass to aesthetics. Olympias after Sergio Oliva , with his wide shoulders making for a distinctive V-taper. He stood at 5 feet 9 inches 1.

He was given the nickname "The Chemist" due to his Bachelor of Science degree and, as he puts it: "Back in the day I took a lot of supplements and tons of amino acids. Still do. But back then it was pretty unusual.

Zane then found the size necessary for success at the Olympia. After his three consecutive Mr. Olympia titles came the Mr. This saw the end to his reign, as Arnold Schwarzenegger controversially placed at the top of the podium in his comeback, with Zane in third. Olympia winners under pounds. Overall, he competed for over 20 years retiring after the Mr. Olympia and won Mr. America, Mr.

Universe, and Mr. Olympia during his career. In , Frank and his wife Christine owned and operated "Zane Haven" in Palm Springs, California where they conducted one-on-one sessions with clients who wished to possess a symmetrical physique. He is the founder of Zane Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA which features bodybuilding art and photography and is dedicated to bringing Golden Era Bodybuilding back into the mainstream. In addition to this, he operates a successful commerce site selling books, supplements and training equipment.

Since , Zane has written a newsletter entitled Frank Zane Newsletter, that provides the latest information in all aspects of bodybuilding. He received the Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arnold Classic for his dedication and longtime support of the sport. As of , Zane currently runs his own website, and appears at seminars and book signings.

In Frank Zane appeared in the documentary Challenging Impossibility describing the weightlifting odyssey of spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy. The film was an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival. Pennsylvania 17th place Mr. Keystone Winner Mr. Universe Winner.


Simplyshredded Exclusive Profile: The Master Of Aesthetics – Former IFBB Mr. Olympia Frank Zane

Biography[ edit ] Zane was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania on June 28, He started bodybuilding as a teenager after reading a muscle building magazine. For 13 years, he taught mathematics and chemistry while living in Florida and California. Bodybuilding career[ edit ] Zane is a three-time Mr. Olympia to


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Yet, most American guys prefer a more natural, smaller-yet-muscular look. So where did it all change? And how can you achieve the physique you really want? The answer to both questions may reside with Frank Zane. In , a young Frank Zane achieved one of his most important bodybuilding milestones: He not only won the Mr.


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Each issue contained articles written by Frank himself along with contributions from other bodybuilding and fitness experts as well as his clients and fans. While a magazine subscription is no longer available, below you will find links to purchase electronic copies of back issues of the magazine in eBook format through Amazon. Building the Body: — Spring What Now? Goals, workouts, diet and motivation for

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