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Using few external components, FP, a high performance integrated IC, is designed for a control circuit. The circuit diagram of the typical application example is as below. Output sink current up to mA Low quiescent supply current Wide operating voltage range: 3. J ? Lot Number is the last two numbers For Example: Rev0. J 15s 60s s s Rev0.

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The FP contains a 1. Using FP, it is easy to complete a power conversion regulator design with few external components. The circuit diagram of the typical application example is shown as below.

Wide Operating Voltage Range: 3. Oscillator Frequency: KHz Max. Output sink current up to mA? Low Quiescent Supply Current?

SCP Protection Function? Graphic Card? Telecom and Datacom Applications? Feeling Technology reserves the rights to modify the product specification without notice. No liability is assumed as a result of the use of this product.

No rights under any patent accompany the sales of the product. Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. A resistive divider provides 1V reference for the error amplifier and the SCP circuit. Acceptable resistor values range from 15 k?

The oscillator frequency can be determined by using the graph shown in Figure 5. The oscillator output is a triangular wave with a minimum value of approximately 0. It turns the output transistor off whenever the triangular wave is greater than the lesser of the two inputs.

This datasheet contains new product information. Because the triangle wave amplitude is a function of frequency and the source impedance of RT is relatively high ? A hysteresis voltage of mV eliminates false triggering on noise and chattering. Short-circuit Protection SCP The FP includes short-circuit protection see Figure 3 , which turns the power switch off to prevent damage when the converter output is shorted. When activated, the SCP prevents the switch from being turned on until the internal latching circuit is reset.

When a short circuit occurs, the error-amplifier output at COMP rises to increase the power-switch duty cycle in an attempt to maintain the output voltage. If the short is removed and the error-amplifier output drops below 1.

If the fault is still present at the end of the time-out period, the timer sets the latching circuit and turns off the FP output transistor. The circuit begins charging from an initial voltage of approximately mV and times out when the capacitor voltage reaches 1V.

The output of SCP comparator 2 then goes high, turns on Q2, and latches the timer circuit. Output Transistor The output of the FP is an open-collector transistor with a maximum collector current rating of mA and a voltage rating of 40V.

The output is turned on under the following conditions: the oscillator triangle wave is lower than both the DTC voltage and the error-amplifier output voltage, the UVLO circuit is inactive, and the short-circuit protection circuit is inactive. PWM Timing Diagram 1.


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