I am just stared learning the system. One NAC at 1. Each panel NAC is rated for up to 2. It provides two independent contact monitoring circuits while only hocniki one address on the SLC loop. Very rarely will you find configurations with more than this. Post here if you need help with something related to fire alarms.

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Nazil Mostrando 19—36 de 90 resultados Orden predeterminado Ordenar por popularidad Ordenar por hochi,i Ordenar por precio: Post Thu Mar 02, Events are reported to a compatible central station monitoring receiver. Any power consumed by devices connected to a SOM powered by the panel is also part of that 4 amps. The ones made by Hochiki are controlled and supervised by a NAC from the main panel.

Sorry but I cannot give an exact answer to such a generic question. I am very beginner in fire detection system. While studying the installation manual of firenet analog addressable system there are something confused me. That means 4 NACs at 1 amp each. Can i directly connect sounder base in a SLC loop?

From the Firenet installation manual: The device address is uniquely stored on an onboard. I know this is illegal. The SOM provides a supervised 24VDC polarity reversing output on the SLC loop most commonly used for audible and visual signaling appliances or triggering a remote notification appliance circuit power expander.

Thanks for your reply. The current used by each NAC has to be added hofhiki and cannot exceed 4 amps total. Компоненты и оборудование hochiki со склада и под заказ. Каталог продукции. That means i 4 loop of NAC devices? All Rights Reserved This has to hochoki decided by knowing what is connected to each SOM, how much current is being used, and if that is in the capability of the power supply.

According to the manual I downloaded there is an addressable manual station. Flexible Grooved Coupling — Series. But what i posted will it work or not? Am i right or wrong please explain. Post Thu Mar 02, 1: In other words, there is no hard set limit. I do not know if it is acceptable fn your particular job site. They can be installed remotely in the building so wire distance and voltage drop issues are reduced.

Post Sun Mar 19, 7: I know lots of experts are here. Then there should be a module to control Sprinklers system and a fn should be sent to that module from a control panel to activate the Sprinklers. But As far i know that when detectors detects then it passes a signal towards the panel and after a mentioned time panel pass a signal to NAC and NAC will generate power through the notification devices and alarm generate. That means when detectors detects then all horns will sound automatically but not supervised.

Up to devices can be hhochiki on a single SLC loop. Related Posts



I am just stared learning the system. Post Sun Mar 19, 7: I have some more basic questions. That means 4 NACs at 1 amp each. They can be installed by the main panel or remotely hochki the building as needed. Dome Camera p Turbo HD, 2.

6ES7 412-2EK06-0AB0 PDF

Hochiki FireNET 2127 Operating Instructions


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