Gataxe In List View, the current record is displayed at the top of the page. Within the range you specify date, time, or timestamp fields. Post as a guest Name. For example, after searching for customers in New York, you can broaden the search to also find customers in Hong Kong:. Within a range satisfying several criteria. The database designer or administrator may disable some features.

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WebDirect allows you to easily publish your database application in a browser on the web. Operating system requirements have changed in the latest version, with support being dropped for Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server , and Snow Leopard. We welcome the support of Windows Server Standard.

These changes do not impact many, but for some, the licensing and support changes will require some technology investment. Many usability improvements and technical features have been added that continue to extend the previously-laid groundwork of the powerful, easy-to-use, rapid development solution you get with the FileMaker platform. Below, you will find in-depth details on each of the new features across the platform. FileMaker Pro 13 The latest version continues to add new features and enhance usability for users and developers.

Popover Windows We think this is the year of the Popover Window. Everyone will be adding Popover Buttons with Popover Windows in their solutions. Field Picker Another very cool feature is the ability to use the new Field Picker when designing layouts.

The Field Picker gives you the ability to easily find a field using a filter by field name, edit field options without going into Manage Databases, drag and drop multiple fields on a layout at one time, and much more. Themes Making an application beautiful is getting easier with the number of template designs now available. FileMaker 13 comes with 11 new Themes, pushing the total number of Themes to more than Plus, if you want to customize an existing theme and apply it to all your layouts, you can now do it, saving you lots of time and energy.

Each Theme includes a default style for every object, layout part, and layout background that you can modify. Modifying the themes is easy, as well. In the Inspector Palette there is a new tab called Styles that allows you to manage the Parts, Shapes, Edit boxes, Drop-down lists, and Pop-up menu styles. In particular, I really like the Invoice Starter Solution. The Invoice template includes a Dashboard and a top-tier navigation that provides a great framework for navigation.

I expect new users will enjoy starting with the Invoice template for a customer, quote, or invoicing system. Be sure to check them out! It is a free download and has been optimized to run on the latest version of FileMaker. This is very common for integrating your solutions with other Web Services and is a nice upgrade for users. Barcode Scanning Previously, you had to use a third-party application for barcode scanning, but now barcodes can be scanned directly from your iOS device using the camera.

You implement barcode scanning using the Insert From Device script step. This will help you create a wonderful experience for your users using FileMaker Go on a mobile device. In addition, you get real-time updates in the browser just like we have come to expect in the desktop client.

This is a 1. We expect new versions to continue to build on this great foundation and provide more mobile browser capabilities. WebDirect is one more deployment option for the FileMaker platform. Getting rid of Java means we longer have to worry about the next release of Java breaking the Server Admin Console. Revamped in HTML 5, administration is much easier and more secure.

On the down side, right-clicking is no longer available, but maybe we can get that feature back in the next version.

Database Encryption You can now store FileMaker Databases on the server and set them up to be encrypted at rest. AES bit encryption ensures all data is encrypted, even the temp files. Perform Script on Server Have you ever wanted to perform a script, but process that on the server instead of the client? You can now do that and you also have the option to Wait for completion. By being able to run scripts on the server, you can do things like sending mass mails or processing and emailing a report—things that take minutes to complete or that will complete faster on the server versus the client.

Conclusion The new FileMaker 13 platform continues to focus on its unparalleled ease of use to create custom applications for organizations all around the world. There are still many things we did not cover here that continue to bring added simplicity to users and developers. FileMaker Go continues to be an fantastic product as well, allowing organizations to create a custom application on iOS devices while providing an incredible ROI. After 18 months, we are happy to see FileMaker 13 is here and look forward to this major release to build awesome custom applications for the Mobile, Web and Desktops.

Did you know we are an authorized reseller for FileMaker Licensing? He also a founding member of the FileMaker Partner Council and certified in FileMaker 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8. Kevin is passionate about FileMaker as a custom application platform and is constantly on a mission to improve how he approaches each assignment. DB Services immediately came to the rescue and managed the project that provided us the entire custom database in only 17 DAYS.

This achievement made an immediate positive impact to our business. They currently manage 5 vertical software products for New Image and excel in understanding our needs and the needs of our clients.

Database Development Services is a strategic partner in the growth and success of our business. We transitioned from a carbon copy paper based system to a digital database. The software has saved us time and money. We used to archive all our jobs in cabinets, now we can look up a job in seconds from anywhere. The software allows us to easily email estimates to our customers in pdf format. In a year there was a return on investment just from eliminating the purchasing of our carbon forms.

We have seen a dramatic increase across the state in the number of potential foster and adoptive parents that have begun the preparation and training process. This increase has resulted in a significant opportunity for children available for adoption. I am so grateful to have found DB Services. Thank you and all the others who have helped us out at DB Services.

I am very grateful for the excellent service you provide us. Its nice to know we can call you for help if we have an issue.


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Click List View next to View As in the status area. You may use this documentation solely with a valid licensed copy of FileMaker software. You can add, view, change, sort, omit hideand delete records when you are in Browse mode. In Browse mode, click Show All. I assume it has to do with the server verifying the session. Click Recordsthen choose Show Omitted. Go to the next record in a file.


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We still support it on our FileMaker 12 servers. FileMaker have worked hard to produce a technology that will open in a web browser only major ones are supported and deliver a similar experience to using their full client software for data entry, data viewing and searching. This means that for the best results you will probably have to make some compromises in your database design. It is also unsuitable for uses where there will be long periods of inactivity because the server will disconnect after a period currently 20 minutes.

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