Mami Here he starts to make contact with members of ETA. ETA understood that there were no options for a general insurrection: Subscribe to our Newsletter. Basque dialects topic The modern dialects of Basque, according to Koldo Zuazo: In spite of some justifiable criticism of an imbalance towards unusual and archaic forms and a tendency to ignore the Romance influence on Basque, he is considered one of the greatest scholars of Basque to date. Organised around six branches publications, study groups, Basque language group, mass actions, propaganda, and military actionsthe movement initially concentrated its activities on propaganda calls on patriots to join the struggle and sabotage murals, displays of Basque flags, leaflets, small explosive devices. Federico Krutwig was born on 15 May in Getxothe son of a bourgeois family of German origin.

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Biography[ edit ] Federico Krutwig was born on 15 May in Getxo , the son of a bourgeois family of German origin. He taught himself the Basque language. He joined the Basque-Language Academy in , where he favoured the standardisation of Basque around the Labourdine dialect of the first printed books in Basque, and with an etymological orthography. However, the Academy preferred the Guipuscoan dialect as the basis of Standard Basque.

In , after rejecting Luis Villasante joining the Basque-Language Academy , and after his criticisms of the position of the Catholic Church in reference to the Basque language, he went into exile in France. Once in Donibane-Lohitzune he contacted members of the movement Jagi-Jagi.

In he edited the book Vasconia, in which he questioned part of the traditional Basque nationalism of Sabino Arana and proposed a new Basque nationalism. Krutwig collaborated with ex-militants of EGI and theorized about the use of violence for political purposes. In he was expelled from France and moved to Brussels Belgium. Here he made contact with members of ETA.

His main writings are: Vasconia : Published initially under the pseudonym of Fernando Sarrailh de Ihartza, in which Krutwig describes an ideal Greater Basqueland comprising all the supposedly historical territories, from the Garonne to the Ebro rivers.

It was inspired by the Algerian independentism and anti-colonialism and proposes armed combat against Spain and France, taking Basque nationalism beyond the traditional views of Sabino Arana. Vasconia was clandestinely published with a limited circulation. The Francoist police believed that it was an inspiration for ETA, which was not the case, but police questioning stirred the interest of many members and sympathizers of the armed group, giving some fame to Krutwig.

In the annexes, he analyzes transcriptions of Guanche native Canarian and Pictish inscriptions, concluding that their two extinct languages are not just related to Basque but that they are the very same tongue.

This daring claim has not been corroborated by anyone so far, and nearly all specialists in the subject consider it erroneous. He translated works of Goethe and Mao Zedong into Basque. Krutwig died in Bilbao in


Federico Krutwig

Toshicage Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. He is most famous for being the first to attempt the standardisation of the Basque language and for the translation of religious works into Basque, in particular the first Basque translation of the New Testament. Although the village was in Labourd, it fell within the area of the Lower Navarrese dialect of Basque. The inset illustrates two isolated towns in the Celle di San Vito in Foggia, Apulia region of southern Italy, where Arpitan is also spoken. He directed the National Library of Spain from toand then left that position to direct the Cervantes Institute until his replacement after the Socialist triumph of March 14, Its objectives were national liberation, which meant an independent, united and Basque-speaking country, and social liberation, understood in a social democratic context. People from Gipuzkoa Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.





Federico Krutwig y Vasconia


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