The Belt CP has a belt-driven tail rotor for smooth, vibration free tail control. The Belt CP is the new range developed by Esky. This is a RC helicopter with a small budget and a massive bite. It has been developed to rival the Trex in terms of capablilites and the Falcon 3D in price.

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Upgraded model with stacked carbon fibre frames , alloy head and tail , and carbon main blades. Belt CP v2 New version, with heading hold gyro , 2,4GHz radio system with gyro gain control knob, and redesigned canopy. Setup We have a brief guide to setting up the Belt CP with the stock transmitter. Known issues The main motor will easily shred the main gear in a crash if the throttle is not closed before impact which is to be expected. Replacement main gears are only available either together with a tail drive gear, or with the one-way bearing pre-installed, making them a relatively expensive item to replace.

The HeliMax MX main gear is a drop in replacement that is reported to be more robust. The idle up mode switch on the top left of the stock transmitter will cause a dangerous situation if accidentally engaged, instantly applying full power to the motor whatever the collective position.

As it is engaged by pulling it forwards, it can be engaged accidentally by putting the transmitter down on an uneven surface. The diagram in the manual showing how the tail belt drives the tail rotor is wrong. The Esky sticker can come partially off the main motor, creating a lot of noise and drag.

Esky went through a phase of supplying Belt CP main shafts pre-bent, making them useless for helicopter use. Aftermarket shafts are available. Esky feathering spindles for the alloy head are only available singly, making them quite expensive to replace.

Aftermarket feathering spindles are available. There are reports that the E-flite Blade feathering spindles will also fit the plastic head edit to confirm.

The washout to flybar control arm linkage can become loose at the top, and come off in flight, reducing cyclic control authority drastically. This can be prevented by replacing the ball with a ball-with-washer, as used elsewhere on the aircraft.

The servos connect to the swashplate via bell cranks , adding slop to the controls. Some people have modified their frame to move the servos and link them directly to the swashplate. For unknown reasons, it can sometimes be impossible to get good blade tracking. The stock Esky gyros will not initialize unless the rudder trim is moved to the centre. The stock transmitter does not allow the gyro gain channel value to be adjusted; you need to use a gyro that sets the gain via an adjustment on the gyro, like the Futaba GY , Align RCE , or any of the Esky gyros.

It may be possible to modify the radio to allow control of the gyro gain channel by following a variation of the instructions posted here. Please report any success. For unknown reasons, the swashplate timing can be poor, with the results of cyclic inputs occurring up to 20 degrees too late.

Upgrades Stock servos are not good and will not last long. Align blades particularly their wooden blades can be used, using the plastic blade roots from the Esky blades as blade grip spacers. Futaba radio gear is generally directly compatible with Esky, in that they can use the same crystals and channel order.


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