The total when rounded-up to the nearest kW would be 13, kW. This subject is discussed in more detail in sub-section 1. If four generators are installed on the basis that one is a non-running standby unit, then three must share the load. Hence a reasonable power rating for each generator is between kW and kW. Occasionally a plant may require a combination of generators and incoming feeders e.

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Gene expression analysis in response to water deficit stress in black pepper Piper nigrum L. Salinity tolerance mechanisms in sugarcane Cracking the Mystery of Photorespiration Challenges of enhanced fodder production: The role of plant biology and physiology Singh and R.

Enhancing pulses productivity and quality through physiological interventions Basu and Jagdish Singh Radiotracer and mineral nutrition of plants Impact of interventions on productivity in arid zone: physiological basis and future prospects 95 Uday Burman and Praveen-Kumar Phytohormones regulation of seed growth and development How flowers wither Development of climate resilient pulse varieties Singh1, Aditya Pratap2 and P.

Super sweet plants can solve national sugar scarcity, sugar mediated health disorders and energy crisis, if nurtured and tapped Physiology of pre-mature fruit drop and remedial measures for increasing coffee production in India Anand1, G. Chauhan1, S. Rajendra Prasad2 and Satinder Pal Waging green war on diabetes by in vitro culture and germplasm conservation of anti-diabetic medicinal plants with special reference to Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni Irrigation management a potential solution to the problem of drought in groundnut Role of photosynthesis and carbon sequestration for better climate Physiological strategies for improved livelihood in flooded and waterlogged areas Brahmanand and Ashwani Kumar Submergence tolerance and productivity in rice Seed priming and quality enhancement in field crops Nitrate toxicity in leafy vegetables Crop water stress index and canopy air temperature difference for scheduling irrigation Gontia1 and K.

Enhancing food legume production under climate change scenario Silicon nutrition of plants: an overview Medicinal plants: The need of the hour Morpho-physiological transformation during the evolution of dwarf cultivars Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of genes encoding ABA core signaling components in sorghum Sorghum bicolor L.

Growth and yield response variability of maize genotypes at elevated CO2 concentration Vanaja, N. Jyothi Lakshmi, M. Maheswari, S.

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Pandiyan, S. Vincent and C. Physiological and biochemical changes in groundnut under high temperature stress Kalariya and A. Comparison of different crop models to simulate temperature and moisture stress effects on growth and yield of wheat Zinc oxide nanoparticle induced morphological, biochemical and photosynthetic responses in Oryza sativa plants, grown hydroponically Sharma and Maria Vera J.

Physiological approaches for ideotype breeding in rice Raghuveer Rao, K. Swamy, A. Hariprasad and V. Variation in leaf photosynthetic response of rice genotypes to post-anthesis water deficit Field pea seed yield as affected by physio-chemical traits under normal and late seeding conditions Petal senescence Kalariya, K. Chakraborty, A. Singh, P. Zala and C. Effect of water stress on photosynthetic attributes, membrane injury and yield in contrasting wheat genotypes Role of pollen starch and sugar content on fruit set in tomato under heat stress Characterization of root and establishment traits in relation to morpho-physiological indices and yield attributes of wheat genotypes Saxena, RenuParashar, S.

Sai Prasad, K. Sharma and A. Effect of salicylic acid on growth, yield and physiology of mungbean Vigna radiate L. Wilczek under salinity stress Nanotechnology for improving nutrient use efficiency of crops Elanchezhian, K.

Ramesh and A. Effect of silicon solubilizers on stress tolerance and productivity in rice Oryza sativa L. Khan1, R. Tiwari2, Smita Singh2, O.

Dhurve1, S. Iron biofortification of rice grains by the application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria Iron toxicity induced changes in nutrient status in rice cultivars Effect of citric acid on phosphorus use efficiency and productivity of groundnut Arachis hypogaea in calcareous-alkaline soils Jat1, H. Meena2 and N. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus induced improvement in physiological traits and yield of wheat Triticum aestivum L. Sharma, Shital and Ashok Kumar Influence of micronutrients on growth and yield of fenugreek Lal, R.

Mehata, S. Mahariya and Yash sharma Application of molybdenum and seed dressing agents influence enzyme activity in rhizosphere of different groundnut cultivars Singh, Mahesh Bhadarka and Deepali Desai


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Gene expression analysis in response to water deficit stress in black pepper Piper nigrum L. Salinity tolerance mechanisms in sugarcane Cracking the Mystery of Photorespiration Challenges of enhanced fodder production: The role of plant biology and physiology Singh and R.

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