Tojarg Was it too much to ask that I get chained to a depressed mute or one of those chicks who dresses in black and writes bad poetry? But I can look past it all, because I found the story of Xypher and Simone very enjoyable. Return to Book Page. And maybe there is a reason that she can communicate with the dead people and their souls.

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Shelves: signed , books-i-own-print , for-review-read , books-i-own-kindle , read-in 3. The betrayal and the constant suffering have turned him into an angry and uncaring man, he has spent so long without any kind of comfort that kindness and friendship are completely foreign concepts to him. We first met Xypher in Devil May Cry and as a thanks for his help 3.

Her job as Medical Examiner mean she sees the worst of what these monsters do and she also helps her friend Tate who is also a squire cover up anything that would let the world know about the monsters in our midst.

She meets Xypher by accident when she is pulled into his world by his greatest enemy. The two have their life forces bonded together by magical bracelets and now they are forced to work together. All Xypher is interested in is getting revenge on the woman who wronged him before he is sent back to Tartarus to continue his existence of torture and suffering but as he gets to know Simone he starts to wonder if revenge is worth putting her life at risk. There was a lot of humour in this story, Simone has a ghost for a best friend and Jesse definitely added a lot of funny moments but I also really enjoyed the romance between Simone and Xypher.

I quickly started to feel sorry for him and I loved seeing him slowly open up as Simone started to get under his skin. Dream Chaser is light hearted and heavy on the romance but there was a nice amount of action and it was good to see Xypher redeem himself.



Close Dream Chaser As he chanted, the wind picked up speed. It whispered around him as ancient forces gathered to awaken the one he called. Al-Baraka… The tree began to shake as a black mist from the earth rose to encircle it. Kaiaphas looked up to see a pair of glowing eyes- one vibrant earth green and the other dark earth brown- materialize in the center of the mist. The air swirled faster, rising up like a geyser that began to form the shape of a tall, lean man standing on a large limb. Black hair rose up, tangling in the wind before it settled over broad shoulders. It was followed by a rippling white that formed a shirt, then black pants and a brown, stitched leather jacket.


Dream Chaser




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