You can set up to 96 sets of Service Type Objects with different conditions. The front number you type here is the first part of the account number that you want to execute special function according to the chosen mode by using the prefix number. Follow the instruction to submit the request. Remote Dial-in User Now, your system will ask you to choose right of the printer that you installed onto the router.

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The router is powered off. Press the hole and keep for more than 5 seconds. Then the router will restart with the factory default configuration. Factory Reset Restore the default settings. Before starting to configure the router, you have to connect your devices correctly. Do not connect the phone ports to the telephone wall jack. Such connection might damage your router. Such information is provided for Vigor S models e. Then, the port is specified for ISDN line only.

Refer to the following figure for reference. Page Printer Installation You can install a printer onto the router for sharing printing. All the PCs connected this router can print documents via the router. Before using it, please follow the steps below to configure settings for connected computers or wireless clients.

A welcome dialog will appear. Please click Next. Click Local printer attached to this computer and click Next. Page 22 In the following dialog, type Then, click Next. Click Standard and choose Generic Network Card. Then, in the following dialog, click Finish. Page 23 Now, your system will ask you to choose right name of the printer that you installed onto the router.

Such step can make correct driver loaded onto your PC. When you finish the selection, click Next. Page 24 If you do not know whether your printer is supported or not, please visit www. Page Configuring Web To access Internet, please finish basic configuration after completing the hardware installation.

The Quick Start Wizard is designed for you to easily set up your router for Internet access. Make sure your PC connects to the router correctly.

Page 26 Note: The home page will change slightly in accordance with the router you have. Enter the login password on the field of New Password and retype it on the field of Retype New Password. Then click Next to continue. Page 27 On the next page as shown below, please select the appropriate Internet access type according to the information from your ISP.

Then click Next for next step. Now you can see the following screen. Please read the following section carefully for configuring the settings for this router. The default value of Frequency Domain was set by factory depends on the reselling region. In an Infrastructure Mode of wireless network, Vigor wireless router plays a role as an Select an appropriate encryption mode to improve the security and privacy of your wireless data packets. Turn off the encryption mechanism.

For the security of your Disable router, please select any one of the encryption mode here. As to WEP encryption, select bit or bit as the encryption mode. Page Trouble Shooting This section will guide you to solve abnormal situations if you cannot access into the Internet after installing the router and finishing the web configuration. Please follow sections below to check your basic installation status stage by stage.

Checking if the hardware status is OK or not. Checking if the network connection settings on your computer are OK or not. Page 34 The example is based on Windows XP.

As to the examples for other operation systems, please refer to the similar steps or find support notes in www. Go to Control Panel and then double-click on Network Connections. Right-click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties. Double click on the current used MacOs on the desktop. Open the Application folder and get into Network. The most important thing is that the computer will receive a reply from If not, please check the IP address of your computer. Check if the Enable option is selected.

Sometimes, a wrong connection can be improved by returning to the default settings. Then, the router will restart with the default configuration. After restore the factory default setting, you can configure the settings for the router again to fit your personal request. If the router still cannot work correctly after trying many efforts, please contact your dealer for further help right away.

For any questions, please feel free to send e-mail to support draytek. This manual is also suitable for:.



Security features include content filtering, web application controls and a new object based firewall management system. The firewall features measures for protection against attacks including DoS Denial of Service attacks, IP-based attacks and access by unauthorised remote systems. Wireless, Ethernet and VPN are also protected by various protection systems see later. The object-based firewall allows even more setup flexibility, enabling you to create combinations of users, rules and restrictions to suit multi-departmental organisations. A Day free trial of Globalview can be activated on your router. The secondary interface can be used either for WAN-Backup or load balancing. Internet Traffic will be temporarily routed via the secondary Internet access.


Draytek Vigor 2820 Series Quick Start Manual


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