DA PAM 710-2 PDF

All other policies relating to local purchase contained in qr regulation remain in effect. After 30 days, the property will either be withdrawn from the person or a permanent hand receipt prepared. Clothing items authorized to students that become excess due to a decrease in enrollment may be retained if. The serial number data will be provided to the designated local supporting DODSASP reporting activity within 5 days of the supply transaction. A separate section may also be kept for each type of organization property that is, OCIE or basic load. The using unit may be issued sufficient OCIE to support its authorized strength plus a 5 percent sizing float.

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Bashura Other turn-ins to an SSA. Application of the following policy ensures efficient use and management of RFID tags. They will have minimal commercial application or value and large enough to preclude undetected removal.

The property will not be defaced by marking in any manner that would prevent use by another unit. Also, it applies to the U. AR Supply Policy Below The National Level For initial stockage, the demand rate is the quantity demanded when the three recurring demands occurred, divided by the number of days in which they occurred.

Commanders and accountable property officers ra accounting for and emphasize expeditious identification and return procedures for radio frequency RF tags under their command or direct responsibility.

The PBO will provide the purchase cardholder written confirmation that the reconciliation occurred. Performance standards are management tools used to assess the effectiveness of supply performance.

Army National Guard management of loads. For property book accounting purposes there are two types of property:. Evaluations, inspections, and inventories. Exceptions will be explained by a statement signed by the commander or responsible officer. The results of the inventory will be documented and maintained until the next inventory is conducted, and adjustments will be made in accordance with AR —5.

Registration and reporting of U. The using unit may be issued sufficient OCIE to support its authorized strength a 5 percent sizing float. This paragraph contains policy modifications for the ARNG environment. The following rules will be observed whenmaking a decision to use the Government-wide purchase card:. Copies of the initial approved basic load list for Class 2 including maps4 and 8 except medical repair parts supplies will be given to the appropriate SSA.

Procedural publications will prescribe the forms and use of property book records. Abandoned property is that material where ownership cannot be determined and is now under the control of the Army. This paragraph does not apply to tactical MTOE units issuing tools qr a consolidated area. This accuracy represents the number of inventoried lines having no overages or shortages compared to the total number of lines inventoried and is expressed as a percentage.

Check regulations to ensure you are applying the most appropriate definitions s. Any standard set without primary regard for the mission may lead to misdirected efforts. During mobilization, the proponent may S u p p l e m e n t a t i o n.

Registration is the function of accepting material into the Army inventory and requesting an Army registration number from U. Wartime Policies, page Responsibility of classified materiel. Repair parts will not be deleted from the PLL the following conditions exist and can be substantiated:.

ROTC units will qr a current personnel roster to support the total quantity. Defines the command supply discipline program What regulation is used for lost, damaged or destroyed property? It is expressed as the percentage of all inventory locations surveyed that were correct. The formula inventory accuracy is—total lines without substantial difference, divided by total lines inventoried, timesequals the percentage of inventory accuracy.

The PBO will maintain the basic load authorization data on the property book records in order to expedite deployment. Ammunition Management, page When systems developers automate manual forms they must obtain approval from the form proponent and U. The 5 percent sizing is not intended for sizing, but to accommodate over strength.

Commanders monitor the results of supply performance measurements and take appropriate action to ensure effective supply performance is maintained. The newly appointed PHRH and inventory team will conduct an inventory of all property on the hand receipt.

Maintenance records must be submitted with the items being at in. Organizations will not take installation property to the field or with them upon change of station.


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What Is DA Form ? DA Form , Administrative Adjustment Report is a form used for describing property items and transferring this data to the automated property accounting system. The DA is also used for correcting any mistakes or miscopied numbers of issue documents. The form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form - was last updated by the Department of the Army DA in January with all previous editions being obsolete. An up-to-date DA Form fillable version is available for digital filing and download below or can be found through the Army Publishing Directorate website. A copy of Army administrative adjustment report should be attached to the copies of all hand receipts for an audit trail and filed in the "supporting documents" file.


DA PAM 710-2-2

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DA Form 4949 "Administrative Adjustment Report"



DA PAM 710-2 PDF


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