She glanced between them often, gauging their mood, their reaction to her, but they seemed unruffled. It was as if they made such proclamations every day. She shook her head and speared another piece of egg with her fork. How could such a relationship work?

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The door to the pub swung open, and she yanked her gaze in that direction, surprised when a tall, muscular man with tattooed arms, a backward baseball cap and an earring dangling from his ear sauntered inside. He was a big man. Lean-hipped but broad at the shoulders. His tight T-shirt showed off a solid wall of muscle for his chest and the short sleeves cut into his bulging arms.

Intricate tattoos snaked down both arms and wrapped around his wrists. Other than the earring, he wore no jewelry or adornment, and his hair, which she might have expected to be long, was barely visible beneath his cap.

He was…delicious. That was the word that popped into her head before she could ponder the absurdity of the observation. Delicious and fascinating with vivid pale green eyes surrounded by lashes that would make a grown woman weep with envy.

Then he turned and saw her. Maybe she should, but Seth was in yelling distance. The man cocked his head and studied her as intently as she studied him. Then he smiled, and she was mesmerized by the dimples on either side of his mouth. Perfect, straight white teeth gleamed and he winked at her.

Then he caught sight of her sling and a ferocious frown locked into his brow. Are you all right? Are you serious? Is there something I can do for you? He frowned. Let me get you something to take them with. How about some OJ? I used to think I ran it until my sister barged in and sort of took over. He stopped in mid-pour.

How did you know? He stared at her like he could see behind the layers and defensive walls straight to her heart. She should look away but found herself mesmerized. He was just so darn cute. Someone should be taking care of you and that arm. I think. Then he rested his gaze back on her, stroking over her skin like a paintbrush dipped in fire.

What an absurd way to put it. Like people are belongings. And Seth has taken very good care of me. I have so much to thank him for. It was carnal and predatory.

She sucked in her breath and shifted back on her stool only to unbalance herself. For a moment he held her across the counter and then he eased away, his gaze never leaving her. He grinned back at her, melting her exasperation with the warmth in his gaze. Are you taken? Otherwise involved? You fascinate me. How did you get yourself shot? She wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand and then laughed harder. She looked down and then away, hating the helplessness that held her in its grip. When was enough…enough?

A firm hand gripped her chin and turned. Dillon had moved around the counter and now he stood a mere breath away, his body crowding into her space, filling it with heat.

Did all the Colter men go around kissing women they barely knew? The real question was why did she let them? I should warn you I tend to do things I want. Just remember. I warned you. It was as aggressive and electric as he was, but also as playful. He danced around the corners of her mouth, pulled her bottom lip between his teeth and nipped before soothing the soft skin with his tongue. Taste me.

I just met you. Instead he leaned back and took a seat on the stool next to her, intrigue flashing in his eyes. I kissed them. They wanted to take me here. They say crazy stuff like they want me to stay, but we only just met.

And I hope to hell you kiss me back. Then he lowered his mouth and devoured hers. Hungry and so sensual that her pulse bounded out of control. He lapped the inside of her lip with his tongue and then thrust inward, warm and sweet, stroking over her tongue and over the roof of her mouth. She swayed on the stool and reached out to grab onto his chest for support.

It was like meeting with a brick wall. Her fingers dug into his muscles, and she found herself tracing the dips and caressing the bulges. When he pulled away, he put both hands at her waist to hold her in place. His breaths came in ragged bursts and his eyes had lightened to crystal green with shimmering sparks of awareness.

Anywhere but here with this gorgeous, playful man who made her want to do crazy things like laugh. And kiss him back until he begged for air. It was the only explanation for her reaction to the Colter brothers. I want you to stay. Make yourself comfortable. Lily yanked her head up to see Seth standing next to a petite brunette with flashing blue eyes.

She could literally see the red as it crawled across her face. She was beyond mortified. She put her palm down and pushed away from the counter, only intent on escaping the awkwardness of the scene. Dillon wrapped his arm around her waist as she tried to maneuver by and gently brought her against him under the shelter of his arm.

The baby of the Colter family. Callie smiled though and crossed the room to take Lily by her good hand. Seth was just telling me about you. He looked intensely focused on Dillon, studying his every movement down to his facial expressions. Dillon tightened his grip on Lily, not allowing her to move away, all the while carrying on a conversation with his siblings that Lily had promptly tuned out the moment she tried to escape.

This involves Michael as well. Mom will love having another chick to cluck over and I can get the dads to cook us some lunch. Do you really want her present when you three start bitching and moaning and having your pissing contest? Make sure she stays with you. Things are about to get messy. Men talking about their feelings are never a pretty sight.

Lily nodded but as she walked away, she looked to both men and felt the strangest flutter deep in her chest. End of Excerpt is available in the following formats: Maya Banks.


Colters' Legacy Series

May 15, Mahlet rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of menage erotica Shelves: erotic-romance , own , cowboys-ranchers , menage It was a very hot read, but I had a few issues. To say that the female lead Holly was stupid would be an understatement. Also, some of the storytelling was just a little unbelievable. But Holly made a MAJOR turn-around for the better about two thirds of the way into the book, so I got over all of it : The Colter brothers have a family tradition going back at least several It was a very hot read, but I had a few issues.


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