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Please Sign Up to get full document. Boyle, uses first person narrator to depict the life of the main character Jim, and his use of tone and irony make Jim a round character, he comes alive and seems like a real person with the occurring events.

By using first person narration the author is able to describe Jim through what he is thinking, and by doing this Jim is easy to understand even though his views change drastically in minutes.

The audience gets the impression that Alf is a mean dog with intentions of attacking Jim because of the way he was described. The author depicts Jim as being a classic male though tone. As they conversed Alena began to open up and tell Jim what Alf has been through and why she is part of the Animal Liberation Fund and all that Jim can think about is the sight of her bending over in her bikini and if she would go to dinner with him.

Jim had to do all of the work while Alena and Rolfe were lookouts and getaway drivers. The intentions of leaving Jim were present from the beginning; if anything were to go wrong Alena and Rolfe were closest to the car. Rolfe even made sure that Jim left the keys in the ignition. The tone and irony of the author were present throughout the story and depicted the character that he set out to portray. Author: Brandon Johnson.


Values In Literature

Coraghessan Boyle, Jim is the main character who loves to eat meat. When a person has feelings of depression and loneliness it can be very easy for another person to come into their life and change their whole persona. Jim had just turned 30 and was feeling depressed for not having anyone in his life. After dozing on the beach …show more content… Alena was a vegan, the very opposite of himself so he told her he also was a vegan. These changes in Jim after meeting Alena are something that he would never have done in his past. Jim begins to become infatuated with Alena and willing to carry out any orders she may have regarding animal rights. Not only are they in love now, but Jim is somewhat her puppet.


Whores for Gloria

Date: Critical Analysis of T. C Boyle comprises various aspects of irony and humor that narrate the story. The author, Boyle, presents an illustration of the circumstances facing Jim as he tries to pursue his love interest, Alena. Consequently, the author utilizes irony and humor in order to explain the events facing Jim as the pursuer.


Critical Analysis of T.C. Boyle’s Carnal Knowledge

Buy Now Jim is being tricked by the beauty of a woman to fall head over heels in love, or what he thinks is love. Bare-legged, fluid, as tall and uncompromising as her Nordic ancestors, and dressed in a Gore-Tex bikini and hooded sweatshirt unzipped to the waist Piss-spattered and stupefied, I could only gape up at her". Jim has become completely mesmerized at the mere sight of Alena, comparing her beauty to that of Aphrodite, which proves how much he is consumed by the physical. He even notices the exact designer bikini she wears and how far her hoodie is unzipped showing off hints of what she hides under her clothes.

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