This listing is for 10 seeds. The first photo is of seeds which have already dehisced amid a cluster or rosette of leaves; these are the seeds you will receive, please note that on some of the seeds the pseudoaril may already have fallen off. The fourth photo is of some of the seeds which have germinated under the tree. The last photo is the front cover of the new release, Cultivation of Bursera Frankincense of the Americas, available as a separate listing. This reference volume contains the taxa, photos and illustrations of Burseras in habitat and cultivation, and offers details specifically for growing the species of Bursera.

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It is burnt on a charcoal in contrary to the incense which from India which is rolled on sticks. In this way you will only burn the Copal and no glue and wood.

Our supplier buys this at the indian comunities who have plantations in the south of Mexico. A cut is made in the bark of the tree and the resin flows in leafs and then it is just dried. For this resin only old trees are used. The Mexican copal resin comes from the tree of the genus Bursera bipinnata, in the Nahuatl language it is called copalquahuitl and the resin is that of copalli.

Ceremonial use Mexican Copal is a very important material in ritual uses, the smoke that rises while the fire transforms the essence of things, represents a bond of union, of communication between heaven and earth.

It has been compared to copal smoke and its perfume, to the same soul that rises to the divine plane. When white smoke was burned it was associated with rains, so it was also thought that in this way Tlaloc was honored and used to request rain.

Mediator between heaven and earth Mexican Copal is seen as Mediator between heaven and earth, between matter and spirit, between living and dead, human bond with the Father Mother Creator, element that transports the prayers to the realm of the Divine, that is the function of the copal, through the smoke.

Copal is much appreciated from the mystical and ritualistic point of view, and even medicinal. Since pre-Hispanic times, copal used to be included as one of the taxes that should be given to the Mexican people and was highly valued.

Divine offering The aromatic essence of Mexican Copal, the pleasant smell that emerges from this resin, has been associated with the Divine Offering, with the great ceremonies. The clear search for connection of the human being with the Creator Principle, Giver of Life, was thought to be propitiated by the white smoke of the copal. Mexican Copal is a very important material in ritual uses, the smoke that rises while the fire transforms the essence of things, represents a bond of union, of communication between heaven and earth.

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