Gidh is the Urdu word for a vulture and Raja is a Hindi equivalent word for a ruler. The name envisions the kingdom of vultures. Truth be told, parallel to the principle plot of the novel, a symbolic story of such a kingdom is described. The illustration of the vulture as a creature encouraging for the most part on the remains of dead creatures is utilized to depict the trespassing of moral breaking points forced by the general public or by the religion. Bano Qudsia has composed this novel drawing on the religious idea of Haraam and Halaal. Numerous perusers have a tendency to decipher Raja Gidh as a sermon, in which Bano Qudsia advances her hypothesis of inherited transmission of Haraam qualities.

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We have done something seriously wrong with our literature. Now every novel has a same story line of a spoiled rich boy falling in love with a religious girl and himself turning into a "molvi" as a result. Almost every novel follows a religious theme with a super pious girl who knows nothing about the world. I mean why are we turning into such religion snobs.

I do not have anything against religion, but not everyone follows religion so much extremely and we are destroying our literature by these recurring themes. The mention of abuse and violence is a taboo in our modern literature though all these things prevail in our society. Just because of this I stopped reading modern urdu literature. I only read old Urdu classics and english literature now.

They usually follow the same plot and story line. But surprisingly I loved this novel. Bano Qudsiyah is undoubtedly a great and bold writer. The way she writes about the love triangle of Semi, Qayyum and Aftab is exceptionally good. The character of Semi is very bold and she does not hesitate to claim her love for Aftab or asking about his sexual preferences.

I love the boldness of her character. It is completely ridiculous, but he is a true stereotype. Qayyum is a village boy who fells in love with modern super rich Semi. But Semi loves Afab while Aftab loves his family status more than he loves Semi.

Then there is Prof. I love his character and his views and opinions on things. But this story is not just about a love triangle, it has much more in it. The way author compares a vulture with a modern man is phenomenal and it is very true and sometimes disturbing. Though if you want to read it you have to be open minded and accepting because this book discuss many delicate topics which are taboo in our society. Sorry for a super long review, but I really want everyone to read it and see how beautiful was our literature, before we destroyed it by our religious extremism and so called social and cultural values.


Raja Gidh Novel by Bano Qudsia Free Download



Raja Gidh / راجه گدھ



Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia Urdu Novel Free Download PDF


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