Itisanastonishingwayofteachinggoodthings totheunbornbabyinwombduringpregnancy. Thoughitsoundssurprising,itis ascientificallyprovenfact. Theliteralmeaningofwordgarbhiswombandsanskar isteachinggoodorrightthings. Garbh sanskarsshouldbeperformedbymotherduringpregnancy. Readontoknow moreaboutgarbhsanskar. Theliteralmeaningofgarbh sanskariseducatingthefetusinthewomb.

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Series of the questions aroused. If film can make impact on the babies in the womb, then mental condition of pregnant lady must be having own impact on the baby in the womb.

Why every Personality is unique? What makes Human being intelligent? What is the meaning of Born Qualities? Why human babies are totally dependent on Mother for long time? Why two siblings are different? It is not easy to get ready-made answers of the questions. Journey of enlightenment started, with the course of time some puzzles were solved, few of them will be solved in the Nearest future.

We are aware for subjects like Garbh Sanskar — Fetus Training will require another yrs there was no question of waiting for another years! Thus Garbh Sanskar — Womb Institute started. Today We have lot to say about Embryological development of the Baby, it is certain, Intelligent baby is the result of Healthy Body, Mind and surrounding, We wish to create awareness, Save the World from further damage!

If you really wish to have genius, healthy and beautiful baby then you need to understand the concept. You can listen the demo tracks for Garbh Sanskar below and visit shop page for order. English Demo Track:.


Garbh Sanskar (Marathi)

Everything you need to know from the time you plan to have your baby, through pregnancy and delivery, and up until your child is two years old. The ancient scriptures and Ayurveda prescribe a particular daily practice for the pregnant woman. Along with the prescription of diet, Yoga, and routine body care, instructions are also given for reading material, subjects of discussion, and music and mantras to be listened to. Garbha Sanskar is an ayurvedic way to achieve feminine balance. The book will help the woman to achieve a perfect balance to conceive and give birth to a healthy, beautiful and intellectual child. It is a complete guide on Nutrition, Yoga, Spiritual life and Wellness before pregnancy and till the child is yrs. Traditional Indian Sanskar and therapies Planning for a healthy child and preparing for pregnancy Ayurvedic concepts and medical formulations for pregnancy The importance of Healing Music Yoga during and after Pregnancy Diet before, during and after pregnancy Daily practices that can help your baby in the womb Complete child care Natural diet and therapy that helps you regain your shape after delivery.


Performing Garbh Sanskar during Pregnancy

We have successfully completed 25 years of practice!! A big milestone!! It was not possible without your support and faith in Ayurved. Thank you!! About Garbh Sanskar The literal meaning of garbh sanskar is educating the fetus in the womb. Many parents found this interesting and felt quite satisfied too. In Indian culture it is believed that education of real and traditional values and parenting starts right from the time the fetus is confirmed in the womb.


Welcome to Ojas Garbh Sanskar (2019 updated)


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