Learn how and when to remove this template message In the Hermetic Qabalah mystical tradition, a person titled a magician has the power to make subtle changes in higher realms, which in turn produce physical results. For instance, if a Magician made slight changes in the world of formation Olam Yetzirah , such as within the Sefirah of Yesod upon which Malkuth the material realm is based and within which all former Sefirot are brought together, then these alterations would appear in the world of action Olam Assiah. Philosophy[ edit ] In his book, The Gift of Death, deconstructionist philosopher Jacques Derrida refers to philosophy as thaumaturgy. The word also lends itself to the "thaum", the basic unit of magical energy. Thaumaturgy is defined as the "science" or "physics" of magic by Isaac Bonewits in his Real Magic which he turned into a RPG reference called Authentic Thaumaturgy , It figures most prominently in the first book, Master of the Five Magics.

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Less Read the publication Stock Version 1. Pyramid, Authentic Thaumaturgy, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered trademarks or trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, or used under license. All rights reserved. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this material via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal, and punishable by law.

Please purchase only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted materials.

It also reveals the "real magical" roots of Magic: The Gathering. This book is a lot of fun to read! It is not part of the GURPS system, or any other specific game, so any GM who likes modifying his game s magic systems will get a lot of ideas here. If you enjoy tinkering with your game s magic system, or if you just wonder what it would be like to be a "real" magic-user in this world or another one, Authentic Thaumaturgy will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

Includes a tongue-in-cheek adventure showing how it all works: "The Quest for the Sacred Mehleetah," featuring the caffeine-sodden mages of the Javacrucian Cult.

All known errata as of the version date below have been corrected in this edition. Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, Bonewits will show you that it is possible for a game magic system to accurately reflect the theories and practices that real-world magicians and clerics have used for thousands of years. Authentic Thaumaturgy is not based on any specific game. There are sections on designing priestly characters, and rules for the magical powers granted to the faithful.

You can jump right in with quick-start rules, predesigned characters, and an easy-to-play solo adventure. Four complete examples of each type are included wizards in all!

The adventurous — or the desperate — can now manipulate time and space using Gate Magic. Savvy wizards can stay current with Technology Magic, and several new sub-colleges add flexibility in dealing with weather, electricity, ice and acid.

Fortune telling from the land of fortune-making Coming December www. Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered trademarks or trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, or used under license.

Eat your carrots. RRegister to vote. Brush and floss! Introduction: Why this Book? Traditional Occult Definitions. Fertility Magic. Our address is SJ Games, P. Box , Austin, TX Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope SASE any time you write us! Resources now available include: Pyramid www. New supplements and adventures. A current catalog is available for an SASE. Or check out our Web site below. Everyone makes mistakes, including us — but we do our best to fix our errors.

Or download them from the Web — see below. We do our best to answer any game question accompanied by an SASE. Gamer input. We value your comments. We will consider them, not only for new products, but also when we update this book on later printings!

Visit us on the World Wide Web at www. We also have conferences on Compuserve and America Online. Our games have their own Usenet groups, email lists and discussion areas in Pyramid as well. Think for yourself. Everybody nakes mistreaks. Formula 8. Wide Awake Deities. Gut Deities. State of Grace. Can you imagine the amount of time Censors Why This book? WWhy not this Book? The first answer I can give to this is that I am a professional in the magic field.

I have spent many years doing research, writing books the best known of which is my first, Real Magic, still in print from Samuel Weiser Publications and articles, giving lectures and running classes in minority belief systems, including magic, Witchcraft, Druidism, psychism, Voodoo, etc.

I was originally asked by a game publisher Chaosium to write this book on how players of fantasy games could improve the realism of their magical characters.

The tables and formulas were originally constructed with the help of professional mathematician, game player, and friend Larry Press. Additional editing and updating was suggested by the staff of Steve Jackson Games before this current edition was printed though I am solely responsible for any shortcomings the book may now have and my sincere thanks go out to all of them.

Because many players are still using a simplistic approach to magic, they are missing a great deal of what their characters would consider the real fun of spell casting, which is in the use of tiny amounts of psychic energy to produce large and complex results.

All this is missing, and so is the simulation accuracy, when a magical wand becomes just another sort of laser pistol. The whole purpose of the book you hold in your hand is to get people thinking about subtlety and creativity in game magic. M 7Why This Book? Readers should feel free to take all, part or none of my suggestions, depending upon how they think the ideas would fit with their game universes.

Since the ideas are based firmly on authentic occult theory and practice, however, every suggestion followed will add yet another touch of magical realism to your games. Using the AT system, realistic magic-using characters will wind up being more powerful in some areas of game activity than before, but also weaker in others.

This should keep the balance of the games intact. Different games use different words to label the folks who do magic in them. Their numbering system is now based on the order of their appearance in each chapter. Adults should have no trouble extrapolating appropriate spells and rituals for your characters to perform. If you agree with my suggestions and comments, then see if they can be applied to your favorite game, whether I mention it or not.

This book is not a full introduction to magic and readers should not attempt to do real world magic based only upon these pages and the rules of whatever game you regularly play. You should especially avoid attempting to perform summonings or worship rituals of any sort unless you are absolutely sure that the entities you are attempting to contact a are friendly, and b are forgiving of amateurs!

Contrary to opinions in some quarters, genuinely nasty spirits are rare, but ones with weird senses of humor are fairly common! Preparation for such ceremonies should include a great deal of research about such rituals in general and your chosen entities in particular and a consultation with your rabbi, pastor, guru, minister, swami, priest, or priestess.

Speaking of which. Why This Book? Of course, the purveyors of this nonsense are the same folks who claim that the entire entertainment industry, the FBI, the CIA, the United Nations, and the leaders of major competing churches, are all secretly led by an International Conspiracy of Hippie Commie Prevert Devil-Worshippers who just happen to also be billionaire international bankers with Jewish-sounding names.

They try to suppress rock and roll, MTV, meditation, yoga, martial arts, homes for battered wives and public anti-child abuse campaigns. They actively advocate discrimination against Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Neopagans, Santerians, Native American religionists, and members of every other non-monotheistic religion on the planet and several competing faiths that are monotheist.

In short, they oppose every concept that might disagree with their narrow-minded religious, economic, sexual and political agendas. At this point, trying to scare the kids off with demonic bogeymen is the pathetic best they can do.

His special manual on demons describes the appearance and power of evil entities with accompanying sketches. But then, theological depth is not what we should expect from hysteria mongers and professional witchhunters. These were modified by science fiction and fantasy fans to allow for combat with dragons and other mythical beasts.

After a few years of experimentation entirely new games were invented in which the fantastical aspects took front stage. The action could range from the adventures of small bands of brave and hardy beings in fantasy role playing or FRP games to the clash of gigantic armies of elves, orcs, dragons and dwarves in fantasy campaigns.

They ran these Player Characters or PCs against referees — originally known as Dungeon Masters or DMs, later, Game Masters or GMs — who created entire fantasy worlds of deadly dungeons, harrowing wildernesses and perilous cities, populating these worlds with all manner of monsters and supernatural beings with both natural and unnatural powers. Thus in the course of playing each game, the players and the referee would join in the continual creation of a living fantasy novel, unique on each occasion.

We sit passively, waiting to be picked up and carried to the worlds others create. We have become slaves to our TVs, permitting an oligarchy of artists to describe our culture to us. Storytelling allows us to understand ourselves by giving us a tool with which to explain our triumphs and defeats. By looking at our culture, our family and ourselves in new contexts, we can understand things we never before realized.

You not only tell stories, but actually act through them by assuming the roles of the central characters. Characters in these early games were created initially by rolling dice to determine how much Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, etc.

Rather than the players gaining any sort of rank for expertise in the games, their characters rose in levels as they gained wealth and experience in their adventures.

Your gaming skill was then judged, at least in part, by the number of high level characters you owned. Most of these books and games included complex rules for simulating both physical and magical combat. Some of them are still quite popular, while others have gone out of print. In the years since the first edition of AT was published in , several major innovations have taken place in the world of fantasy simulation games. Soon computer, video, and film-making technology began to be used as parts of total game packages to play on home computers as well as through online computer services.

In , White Wolf Game Studio began releasing a novel! This created a unique overlapping area between traditional card and FRP games.


Authentic Thaumaturgy

Those of you already familiar with my discussion of the Laws of Magic in my first book, Real Magic, may find the new material here especially the new version of the chart interesting. The Nature of these Laws and vice versa We are now ready to go into a description of the basic ways in which magical phenomena seem to behave. The Laws of Magic are not legislative laws but, like those of physics or of musical harmony, are practical observations that have been accumulating over the course of thousands of years, with remarkable similarity in almost every known human culture. Most of the technical motivations of magic-using characters, before, during and after using magic, will be based on these laws. You can consult the works in the Bibliography especially Real Magic and its Bibliography for details if you wish.




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