Dazilkree October 31, by George Ntanavaras. When it came to selecting topologies audiixpress the balanced inputs and outputs, I ruled out transformers due to high cost, physical bulk, and weight. This is not surprising. A pot with 64 levels and precision metal film resistors that is hard to beat for sound or facility, as he describes it.

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Благодарность: Alex Yorc - за предоставленный материал. Есть еще хорошие люди. Подшивки за , , ,, года папки "", "", "", "", "" представляет сабой совокупность файлов обьединеных гиперссылками. In the best tradition, the LIS edition contains an updated directory of relevant manufacturers in the loudspeaker industry as well as cutting-edge articles from some of the finest industry leaders, interviews with audio professionals on trending industry topics, and our annual industry reports about the state of the industry.

Now more than ever the audio industry needs to be connected and working together. With loudspeakers and different types of audio transducers used in headphones, earphones, smartphones, personal and home devices, and at the core of all major audio applications, the opportunities for our industry have never been greater. And the good news is, applications are expanding and business is growing in most major product segments, making this a pivotal time for companies to focus and expand their strategies.

Being connected means leveraging all opportunities in a timely manner, and for that your network of suppliers and strategic partners is more important than ever. That is why the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook continues to be an essential resource, getting better and stronger every year.

Since we completely updated LIS two years ago, and added our online directory, this annual publication continues to grow with more categories and more complete listings. As this edition of LIS denotes, the audio industry is expanding its application scope in tandem with technology innovations, which enable completely new product categories and much more sophisticated systems to meet the demand for better, more convenient, higher quality and available everywhere experiences.

Inside this LIS and the online directory, you will find the latest updated information with all the contacts that make it an invaluable resource for the industry, reflecting the current market expansion. If you would like to be included in the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook, please take a moment to fill out the form for a free listing. If you already have a listing, please take a moment to check the information or make any updates.

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You Can DIY!: A Class D HAT for Raspberry Pi

I completed the design and construction of an archival phono preamplifier, which provides variable equalization along with several audioxxpress operational necessities for playing vintage records rpm discs, pre-RIAA LPs, lacquer transcription discs, and so on. This article was originally published in audioxpress, March The output of this op-amp is back-fed into the secondary of an audio output transformer, generating high voltage AC V at 40 kHz. A PP 25L6 Amplifier In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we audioxprress find currently in the market. This article was originally published in audioXpress, March In this article, Ron Tipton explores the use of stroboscope discs to determine whether your turntable is set to the correct rotational speed. December 12, by Gary Galo.


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Borbely RIAA Preamp With Tubes - A Project Remembered and Revisited



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