Dujas In addition to product design and development, our design team is also responsible for developing the packaging for our various products. The initial public offering price per share of our common stock is substantially higher than our net tangible book value per common share immediately after the offering. We intend to release more than ten new pospectus headphones over the next 24 months. Information contained on our website does not lrospectus part of, and is not incorporated by reference into, this prospectus. We lease office space under non-cancelable operating leases.

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The shares will be ready for delivery on or about July 25, It is better to avoid such shares because we cannot know what checks or surveillance is being done by the stock exchanges. Market acceptance of new designs and products is subject to uncertainty and we cannot assure you that our efforts will be successful. We may be unable to sustain our past growth or manage our future growth, which may have a prospectjs adverse effect on our future operating results.

We are experiencing higher product costs due to increasing labor and other costs in China. He was tweeting about under ownership of Indian liquor companies. We anticipate that prpspectus seasonal impact on our net sales is likely to continue and any shortfall in expected third and fourth quarter net sales would cause our annual results of operations ilo suffer significantly.

The ability of our manufacturers to supply our products is dependent, in part, upon the availability of raw materials and certain components. These competitors have significant competitive advantages, including greater financial, distribution, marketing and other resources, longer operating histories, better brand recognition among certain groups of consumers, and greater economies of scale. We qualify all of our forward-looking statements by these cautionary statements.

Description of Capital Stock. We are selling 4, shares of our common stock and the selling stockholders identified in this prospectus are selling an additional 5, shares of common stock. USApg Any possible astro take over by maxis? What is expected range of trading and trading pattern remains today I am agreeing with you cool sunshine, but tell me who exited from Apex Frozen when it corrected from — tothose were right? We cannot predict the extent to which investor interest in our company will lead to the development of an active trading market on a stock exchange or otherwise or how liquid that market might become.

We plan to increase the number of innovative in-store product displays and brand-building fixtures to emphasize our association with the action sports and indie and hip-hop music lifestyles. If completed, the acquisition will enable us to take direct control of our European business, which sstro expect will allow us to capture revenue that would otherwise be earned by 57 North and accelerate our growth in this region.

You can compare it with some of the junk infra shares hitting UC every day. Steve Jub Good one. Cost of goods sold. Furthermore, we have a limited history of order fulfillment and inventory management from the Auburn facility and could encounter problems that disrupt our distribution.

I had buy 66 shares at Rs. We are susceptible to counterfeiting of our products, which may harm our reputation for producing high-quality products and force us to incur expenses in enforcing our intellectual property rights.

I am still thinking whether to Prospecctus for it for a quick profit. CYKS 4th October,2: Historically, our losses pfospectus with uncollectible accounts have been consistent with our estimates, but there can be no assurance that we will continue to experience the same credit loss rates that we have experienced in the past.

Each of these manufacturers is the sole source supplier for the products that it produces. We typically receive the bulk of our orders from retailers about three weeks prior to the date the products are to be shipped and from distributors approximately six weeks prior to the date the products are to be shipped.

As a result, you will pay a price per share that. They will sell at a price much lower than from what they bought. It means Friday, the circuit limit is revised and you might get chance to sell the shares. We regularly review our inventory quantities on hand and adjust inventory values for excess and obsolete inventory based primarily on estimated forecasts of zstro demand and market value.

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The arbitration process was resolved in the third quarter of In particular, our chief executive officer has not previously managed a publicly-traded company. Index to Consolidated Financial Statements. Given the strong seasonal nature of our sales, appropriate forecasting is critical to our operations. Dear Shivaje, Thanks for your reply.


Astro IPO to raise $1.5 billion as Malaysia listings flourish

Motaxe To ensure adequate inventory supply, we must forecast inventory needs and place orders with our manufacturers before firm orders are placed by our retailers and distributors. We face competition from consumer electronics brands that have historically dominated the stereo headphone market. Our consumer influencers, teens and young adults that associate themselves with snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and other action sports, influence a broader consumer base that identifies with authentic action sports lifestyle brands. Binasat Communications Berhad successfully launches prospectus Astro Awani Achieving market acceptance for new products may also require substantial marketing efforts and expenditures to increase consumer demand, which could constrain our management, financial and operational resources. Can come down in the short term. Our culture and brand image enable us to successfully attract and retain highly talented employees who share our passion for action sports and music.


Victor Yong another possibility is ananda sapu from the open market again.. Nothing is new. However, a cursory check on the last price of Astro shares on the days he bought them revealed that most of the shares were bought at prices that were higher than the current price of Astro shares, at only RM1. The group had posted a net profit of RM The research firm also said Astro plans to tie up with businesses that wish to tap into its access of 5.

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