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Provision should be made for performing seat leakage, external leakage, and operational tests on the valve with a nonhazardous, noncombustible fluid after disassembly and reassembly.

This valve is designed to perform properly when mounted in any position. However, for optimum life and performance, the solenoid should be mounted vertically and upright to reduce the possibility of foreign matter accumulating in the solenoid base subassembly area. Connect piping or tubing to valve according to markings on valve body. Wipe the pipe threads clean of cutting oils.

Apply pipe compound sparingly to male pipe threads only. If applied to valve threads, the compound may enter the valve and cause operational difficulty. Avoid pipe strain by properly supporting and aligning piping. When tightening the pipe, do not use valve or solenoid as a lever. Locate wrenches applied to valve body or piping as close as possible to connection point. CAUTION: To protect the solenoid valve, install a strainer or filter, suitable for the service involved, in the inlet side as close to the valve as possible.

Clean periodically depending on service conditions. Note: It is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline for repairs. All solenoid valves should be cleaned periodically. The time between cleanings will vary depending on the medium and service conditions.

In general, if the voltage to the coil is correct, sluggish valve operation, excessive noise or leakage will indicate that cleaning is required. In the extreme case, faulty valve operation will occur and the valve may fail to open or close.

Clean strainer or filter when cleaning the valve.


Asco 8220 Series Installation & Maintenance Instructions




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