At first I looked and longed for its fulfillment; after a time, rkuntree, immediate demands crowded out anticipation until truly I had forgotten. You just get ready! Apr 11, Michelle Simpson rated it it was amazing. The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree But this one promise, this amazing promise, had not been fulfilled.

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There is something happening, for there is a fire that is cleansing and purifying, Lord. It is moving and it is thundering the ground. It is shaking things up; this fire is divinely disturbing everything that does not belong. Thank You that we know that we are loved in the refining, that You are maturing Your people. So, Lord as our government is walking in that refining, the Lion of the tribe of Judah is rearing back his head and there is a roar going across our nation that is bringing a holy justice for those who have suffered injustice.

There is a lion roaring and His name is Judah and He is releasing a mighty roar, sending terror into the hearts of Your enemies.

We thank You for justice, divine justice from the top of the government on down. Bless You, bless You Lord, thank You for this. Diana All of these headlines that are going across the whole world… Bob Jones said, when that happens You, Lord are saying something through it and so Lord, whatever You are saying, help us to hear it God and help us to speak it forth and let it be done, let Your will be done in all the earth, lord, Amen.

Diana Lord, I feel like You want Your body to repent for pointing the finger at other people and judging other people when really the ones who are doing the judging, are just as guilty as the ones who do it. And so God, I do that for me, I repent God for pointing my finger at anyone and for judging anyone. I ask that You forgive me and cleanse me, Lord. God, on behalf of Your body I ask, please forgive us. Forgive all of us for letting the flesh get in the way, for letting our hearts be like the world.

Netanyahu and Trump and his family and all righteous leaders, I just saw that as the enemy has come against them that the Lord has raised them up upon a mountain and around this mountain is the enemy and they are falling into this lava pit. The lava pit is actually for every enemy that tries to come against them.

The enemies fall into this lava pit and they are on the Rock, the Rock that it has risen high above. Help us to love each other, God, with our warts and everything else, Lord.

Help us to love and to care for each other. Lord, I am asking You to put people who need a word, who need encouragement, with people that can give them a word of encouragement and will not judge them or be mean to them, but will love them the way You love us, God. Thank You for doing that God, thank You, as You pour out from Heaven now… buckets and buckets and buckets and bucket loads of love and compassion and kindness, all over Your people.

God, I ask for unity, the unity that brings the blessing, and the oil flows down. Samuel It is time. Father we need and are asking that the absolute expression of Your glory, of Your favor, of Your goodness, of Your mercy, of Your love, of Your destiny, and Your will be done to us. Wayne I am going to give this word in three parts. One part was given to me over twenty-five years ago, the other part was given to me about two years ago, and the last part was given to me just a few minutes ago.

It [the salt] is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. Can I not re-salt the salt? He said He is going to start manifesting that dream, in this decade. In the dream there were two scriptures and they were tied together by a golden cord. Those two scriptures are going to be manifested in this decade.

He is going to re-salt the salt. James I Corinthians For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. It was a fountain of water that was running out. It was so clean, so sparkling, and so pure. There was no defilement or contamination in it. It began flowing down and it was like a headwater and as it began flowing down, I saw the waters that were below, and they were dark, murky and contaminated.

As the clean, pure water began to flow into those waters below, it began to purify them. It began to cleanse them and there was a purity. There are people coming here and people that are going to come here.

Not all of the body of Christ is going to understand or get this. There is a remnant of a remnant. The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. These people that will walk in what God has for them, to walk in. It has been granted that this purity flow from this place. Wayne Along with most of the stuff that has been prayed today, the Lord gave me a word over the 7th and the 8th of this month, and I would like to pray that: Father, I lift up the bride [of Christ] to You and I ask that over the course of the next five years, You perform surgery on her heart and on her spine.

I ask, Father, in the name of Jesus that You put her on the operating table and open up her heart to extract the parasites infecting her heart.

Extract the parasites of vanity, the parasite of ego, the parasite of pride and the tape worm: the fear of man. I ask further, Father, that You perform a second surgery on her spine and that You would unwrap from her spine the parasite of the tape worm of the fear of man.

Father, please do this over the course of the next five years so that Your bride may do the things You have called her to do. Thank You, for there not being any fear in her, Father God.

Give Her a heart of grace and of mercy and give Her a backbone to do the things You have called her to do, that she would not be fearful. If we allow the Lord to extract these, our hearts will become purer. If we want this, we have to allow the Lord, the Surgeon, to extract this tape worm.

How much do we want it? I want it. It has to be the Lord, but I have to cooperate. Carol One thing that God has been saying to me and He is saying to others I am sure, and it goes right along with what Wayne said — you know, it is not what goes in the body that defiles it, it is what comes out of the body that defiles it and the church is guilty of defiling itself by the words that it speaks and by agreeing with the enemy and agreeing with the world system.

And you are right. It has caused contamination. It has caused viruses. It has caused parasites in the body. I really believe the word that you are speaking.

Be willing to pay the price. It will be worth it. It will be worth it all. It will change a nation. It will change the world. It will see people set free. It will see people healed. It will see people delivered. He desires for us to be willing to go after this; that a nation, a world can be changed. And, Father, we repent that we have given our tongues in cooperation and agreement with the enemy.

Father God, we repent of evil. We repent of gossip. We repent of judgmental speech. We repeat of lies, Father God. We repent of negativity.

We repent of every word that did not line up with the word of God, that did not come in agreement with what Your word says, what Your purposes were, and Your purposes are. Father God, we choose to come out of agreement with the world. We choose to give our tongues to You. We ask that the coal would be taken out of the fire and placed on our tongues. Father, we are a people that have spoken evilly. We are a people that have not done right in Your eyes and it has infected, it has infected the world.

Yet we are a people that know where to go when we are wrong. We know where to run. We know where our salvation is. We know where our hope is. It is in the blood of Your Son. We run to the blood and we ask for forgiveness for this great sin of compromise with our mouths.

Emily This also goes along with what was said about the surgery and our pride and arrogance. I think it is interesting that just a week ago the Lord spoke to me about requesting a visitation.

I had no idea what spirit I was operating out of. So, what I want to pray right now is, Lord give us Your revelation. Our ways are not Your ways, Lord. Your ways are so much higher than our ways. Father, divide soul from spirit in us. Carol We need to pray the 91st Psalm over President Trump and believe God for that protection over him and his administration.


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