Frequenty Asked Questions Why choose Direct. Parts, specializes in procuring industrial parts. We have years of experience finding rare and obsolete equipment that our customers need in order to get back to business. What is Direct. Each part sold is extended a unique warranty based on what we are able to negotiate for you with our suppliers.

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Intelligent Transportation See how Siemens helps keep the power on for millions of people across the U. Siemens Digital Grid technology manages and reroutes power, so even during a storm, power can be restored within seconds helping kids to sleep better. Ingenuity for life Moving America forward with passion and purpose Ingenuity for life is technology paired with purpose - a powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, and responsibility.

Our passion is to help society, companies and people work and live better through intelligent infrastructure, reliable transportation, sustainable energy and advanced manufacturing. Ingenuity is transforming manufacturing across the U. The Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago is designed to help manufacturers explore a working digital enterprise so they can better understand its value to their companies.

The showcase creates a hands-on environment to illustrate how digitalization can help answer important questions on digital manufacturing. Manufacturers can learn how to extend the digital twin strategy across the value chain and optimize human-systems integration. How to make organizational changes to realize the digitalization full potention across the value chain. And how to educate their workforce on digital manufacturing and design technologies.

Ushering in the age of the digital enterprise The impetus for becoming a digital enterprise is not about who has the coolest technology - but who can best achieve advantage without disruption.

The case for adopting innovation is often made as companies plateau in mastering perennial challenges such as efficiency and time to market. Discrete and process industries at all levels of maturity, and companies of all sizes are forging a path to digitalization using Siemens ingenuity: Integrating islands of data to gain systemic visibility and enhance production control.

Enhancing design and engineering through software that enables virtual design and rapid prototyping. Performing remote diagnostics and running simulations to predict and plan for maintenance. The future of manufacturing is digital. Are you ready?

With consumers demanding more customization, automotive manufacturers, and their supply chains, are feeling intense pressure to be flexible and quick-to-market with innovation. Siemens commitment to workforce training Digitalization - thinking inside of the box By , online sales in the U.

To meet demand, companies like Cascades are investing in state-of-the-art technology such as Greenpac in Niagara Falls, NY. You need to structure data for operational use, and make better decisions with the insights it provides. Existing operating models are being challenged and new approaches are required to overcome the technical and economic transformations at hand. Across the entire value chain Siemens is helping customers transform their business with solutions that blend operational technology with software and data.

With an intense focus on operational safety and environmental responsiblity, Siemens can tap into a broad knowledge base that includes years of experience in electrification, plus an advanced portfolio of rotating equipment and highly efficient gas turbines.


Siemens 85 A 3 phase Power Contactors, 3TF49 22-0A..ZA01



See how Siemens helps keep the power on for millions of people across the U.S.



Siemens 3Phase AC Contactor 85A 2 NO + 2 NC -3TF49 [email protected]


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