Plot summary[ edit ] Jack Bauer has a bit of a problem with a recent mission. Subsequently, he must accompany the prisoner, FBI agent Frank Hensley who was later revealed to be an Iraqi agent and other government officials. The plane crashes and all chaos breaks loose - Frank Hensley frames Jack Bauer for the murder of two FBI agents, Ryan Chappelle has trouble helping Jack from LA, and a weapon has been stolen that could potentially release a virus deadly to the whole of America. Jack Bauer must use all his skill and recruit the help of some Irish woman Caitlin in order to break down a highly complicated conspiracy that leads to the government. Characters[ edit ] Characters from the Show Jack Bauer- The protagonist of 24, Jack goes undercover to take down the terrorist attack that threatens the country. A subplot involves Jack being framed by Frank Hensley for killing two Federal Marshals and helping a fugitive escape.

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My mom actually picked this up for me as a joke because my friends and I talk about Jack Bauer being so extreme. This book definitely met, then blew away my expectations. The smartest thing this author did was have it take place outside of L. A, instead it was in New York City.

By the time I was reading this, it was around Season 3 or so, so I was pretty tired of adventures in L. It is written in pure 24 fashion with the the clock ticking away, exept for the "prologue" part, which was really cool to see used because that definitely helped set up the action in the book. The story was fairly well developed and had all the random encounters that Jack always seems to get into, such as the case with the Bar Fight scenario.

If you want a very exciting read then I would definitely recommend this. The only problem Cerasini has at this point as an author is topping this novel in the next installments! I will say they brought Operation Nightfall into reality in comic book form, which was alright, but I want something bigger!

However, at this point, I do look forward to reading the next novel! That statement is a basically a microcosm of how awful this novel is.


24 Declassified: Operation Hell Gate




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