La academia ficticia Enfield consiste de una serie de edificios ordenados en forma cardioide en la cima de una colina en Commonwealth Avenue. Los alumnos se entrenan y estudian en la prestigiosa Academia Enfield de Tenis, fundada por el defundo James Incandenza, y manejada por su viuda Avril Incandenza, y el hermano adoptivo de Abril llamado Charles Tavis. Joelle busca apoyo y tratamiento para sus problemas de abuso de sustancias en la Ennet House. Marathe, un miembro de los A.

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Start your review of La broma infinita Write a review Recommends it for: obsessive-compulsive tennis players and college students on antidepressants Recommended to Warwick by: everyone Shelves: fiction , united-states , boston , arizona , speculative-fiction USHER: Goodreads court is now in session, the Honourable Judge Chandler presiding.

All rise. JUDGE: Mr Wise, you appear before the court today on the charge of failing to adore Infinite Jest, an act in gross and flagrant violation of basic Goodreads standards of decency.

How do you plead? If found guilty, the maximum sentence I can hand down is Kill him! Burn the heretic! Like in Perry Mason? Do you have any evidence to present in your defence, worm?

Well, to be completely honest, my heart began to sink from the very first page. Defence Exhibit A — the opening: I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies. My posture is consciously congruent to the shape of my hard chair [ My fingers are mated into a mirrored series of what manifests, to me, as the letter X. I submit I was justified in feeling immediate concern that the prose is awkward, unlovely, and try-hard, with outbreaks of horrendous juvenile alliteration.

The opening section is clearly narrated by a precocious child genius, making the tone entirely appropriate. And I was definitely willing to go along with that.

On the few occasions when he attempts social dialects beyond his own — including a few passages of extremely ill-advised colloquial Ebonics — it sounds more like a grotesque parody than any serious attempt at a socially inclusive writing style.

Beyond the scope. Answer the question. The writing style is certainly innovative, but mainly in the sense that he sounds stilted and infelicitous in ways that no one has come up with before. I hate the sloppy attempt in general to use exaggerated colloquialisms as a deliberate style — this habit he has of rambling vaguely around a topic for several paragraphs in the hope that one of his phrases will hit home.

I like writers who craft and refine their thoughts before typing them out, not during. Overall I just felt there was a horrible uncertainty of tone, the narrative voice channel-hopping compulsively from slangy to highly mannered to jargonistic, often within the same sentence.

Or were you perhaps just put off by all the long words? I love complicated books with gigantic, exuberant vocabularies. To me he comes across less as an artist with a fat vocabulary than a hack with a fat thesaurus. I can picture it perfectly. WARWICK: I know it seems like nit-picking, but the thing is these little mis-steps here and there all contribute to a general sense that you are not in safe hands.

Hal Incandenza is supposed to be an etymology expert who grew up memorising the OED. Where is the research here? All through the book there is a profound feeling that David Foster Wallace did not really understand the things he was looking up in order to seem clever. Mine quickly evaporated. People who know more about these things than me tell me his maths is equally dodgy.

Now contrast all this with a writer like Nabokov or Pynchon, to whom Wallace is sometimes cavalierly compared. The references hold up and they enrich the reading experience. I totally admit that this is personal preference. I, personally, like writers who craft beautiful sentences. In my opinion, Wallace is just not very good at the level of the sentence, or even of the paragraph. But he can be great over longer distances — at the level of the chapter or long passage.

There are several extended sequences of Infinite Jest that have a kind of cumulative power and excitement to them that I admired very much indeed. They were just padded out with far too many passages of inexcusable tedium. I might have done. Yes, I did. He said one of them was the He recited bits of it out to me in bed and everything. This is ridiculous! He was badgering her! She just got totally badgered! And in the context of this metaphor, a monkey-inflicted dart-wound to the face can be taken as the equivalent of, say, an unforgivably tedious description of a geopolitical tennis game.

Some characters worked better than others. Sighs of relief from public gallery. Second of all, yes some of it worked really well. But again, there is a lack of authorial control. A lot of the violence and stories of drugged-out atrocities start off being genuinely disturbing, but end up going so far that they take on a Grand-Guignol aspect and become too ludicrous to take seriously.


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