The player who received the lowest numbered home tile starts the game in spring and takes the purple start player worker. In summer, autumn and winter the start player for that season is the player who won the bidding for the highest numbered start player tile depicting the start player worker in the previous season. In summer, autumn and winter turn the boat tiles over where appropriate so that the icon representing that season is visible. In summer and autumn place a number of new workers from the bag and skill tiles onto the boat tiles as indicated on the tiles.

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What item do keytheddral want to move to? Players may not trade with each other. Keythedral really lacks a story arc. The law master is an important figure who issues the laws that govern Keyland and its inhabitants. Appendix — law card detail. The price decrease remains with the building tile until the building tile is purchased, but the new buyer can choose which type of cube the cost is decreased by and is not bound by any earlier choice.

Starting with the start player and continuing clockwise each player may now do one of the following: If there are five players use all of the field tiles, if there are four players use those field tiles that are numbered one, two, three or four. Other players who have already collected cubes of that keytgedral may retain those cubes. Set up — lay the field and cottage tiles The number of field tiles that are used in the game depends on the number of players. Preparation — distribute the playing pieces Each player receives a set of five cottage tiles, ten worker counters, meythedral fences, a screen and a turn order card in their chosen colour.

In phase two all players take two resource cubes instead of one for each cube they would have been entitled to from that field type without this card.

The Keythedral will built in five stages and each stage will require kegthedral. The following modifications to the rules are required: The trader will accept one resource cube instead of two and in exchange give two resource cubes of any type instead of one. Place the five work order markers next to the Keythedral mat in easy reach of all of the kwythedral.

Assisting the workers are some of the craftsmen of Keytown who will supply the players with those special materials that they cannot gather for themselves from the fields. Phase five — change start player The start player player A passes the start player marker to the person on their left player B. You may fence off one of your own cottages or houses.

Once the number three tiles have all been acquired then turn over the three number four tiles. If the scores are still equal then the players who had the highest score in tiles and cubes have drawn. A fence of any colour will normally prevent any workers from a cottage or a house entering an adjacent field where the fence has been placed between the rukes or house tile and the field tile. If there are no law cards remaining in the chapter house then no further new laws are available.

Buy Keythedral Board Games Phase three, action six — procure a new law card There are two new law cards available in each round. Each resource cube and each craft cube has a value of one for bidding purposes.

Turning their little cottages into houses to accommodate their family and friends will also require stone and timber. When the tile is replaced it remains as a house. Place the two resource cubes into the store and then turn over one of the cottage tiles so that the house side is showing. Place the Keythedral tile in the centre of the playing surface. This card can be played at any time. Therefore its the set up phase, ail of the building tiles that are placed in the Keythedral are placed face up so that the cost of each building fife in cubes is displayed.

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Kaganris Place the two cubes you have given the trader into the store. For example, if the number one work order space has been chosen, you may play workers from your number one cottage from one other cottage that you nominate as a number one cottage. Hover over my avatar to get more info! Trade with the trader.


Keyflower Game Rules

Tokazahn Therefore, after a player has procured a new law card the player may not perform any further actions except to play a law card in accordance with the instructions on that law card during phase three of the round in which the new law card was procured. No more than three fences can be played by a player during the game. The inhabitants of Keyland will gather the resources with which to build the Keythedral from the surrounding fields. Introduction Keythedral is a game for three to five players, aged eight or above, lasting approximately 60 to 90 minutes.



Dugami keythsdral Place the law cards in a stack face down onto the Keytown mat in the chapter house location. You may fence off one of your own cottages or houses. After it is used it is discarded. What is the issue? Once a player has procured a law card they may not perform any other actions in phase three during that round except to play a law card in accordance with the instructions on that law card. For example, three of your workers would normally have obtained brown cubes from the woods, then you may take three resource cubes of any colour instead.

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